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How many aliens work officially in Romania

A number of 13,329 foreign citizens were recorded in the General Registry of Employees at the end of January, according to the data offered by the Ministry of Work, Family and Social Protection. The domains where they are recorded most employees are wholesale, with the exception of vehicles and motocycles ( 2,832 people),retail ( 1,069) restaurants and other activities of services and food (621) and food industry (517).
Why foreigners choose to work in Romania
We consider that fluctuations of personnel have started to amplify when Romania accessed the European Union when the access to the work market got flexible. «  As regards the advantages of the work market in Romania as regards the hiring of citizens who are not Romanians, we have to take into account the fact that the legislation of Romania in the domain of work justice is in favour of the employees, their rights in their relation to the employer being already protected by the law », Madalina Soare, senior lawyer at Fine Law – Patrascanu and Asociatii, said for Wall-Street.ro.

According to her opinion, the foreign citizens who get temporary work permit or permanent work permit enjoy a series of benefits on the work market in Romania, as for example : access to all forms of education and professional training, social security, social assistance and protection, studies equivalence and the acknowledgement of diplomas, public health assistance, association right, belonging to a trade union or professional association.

At the same time, Oana Datki, general manager of the human resources company Consulteam thinks that work in Romania can represent a possibility for advancement in career.

« Out of our experience of collaboration with the multinational organisations, in general foreign citizens are present in leading positions or in very specialised positions. For them as individuals, the advantage is that in general their coming to Romania is an advancement in career or a launching place for their advancement – there are many companies which condition promotion on criteria or necessary steps which cannot be taken unless you are mobile » Datki says.

What advantages have the companies who hire foreign citizens ?
For a company the process of hiring of a citizen from outside the EU is a difficult one implying the work permit for the future employee, the Fine Law specialists say. «  An advantage could be the fact that the price for the work force is several times lower than the one paid by other countries in or outside the European Union », the Fine Law specialist said.
The foreigners’ know how, necessary for Romania
« The advantage for the companies is that the managers and the foreign specialists who work in Romania come with a business model already acquired, with important know-how and will be able to apply them in Romania as well and to create an organisational culture. On the other hand, the companies assume a total cost higher than outside the remuneration, we are talking about other substantial costs they cover ( accommodation, family, education, etc.). Anyway over the last period, the number of ex-pat managers was reduced, where it was possible from the point of view of local resources and clearly to reduce costs », Oana Datki considered. As regards the distribution of the managers depending on the type of contract, the majority work with personal work contract, for a non-determined period of time, according to the data available at the end of January. Thus, with rare exceptions the foreigners who work in Romania work with non-determined period of time contracts.
Foreign workers, a threat to the Romanians ?
« Yes, once with Romania’s accession to the European Union, access on the work market deregulated significantly, thus community citizens hiring is no longer a difficult process for the employer. The community citizens are no longer considered aliens, thus they can be included according to the EU regulations in the national regime applicable to the Romanian citizens » Madalina Soare said.