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Energy & Environment

Draft ordinance on differential tax of garbage will be adopted at the latest next week

Thursday, February 9, 2017

The draft ordinance on the differential tax rates per ton of garbage deposited at landfills will be adopted at the latest at the Government sitting next week, and the tax should be borne by the waste collection companies, Minister of Environment and Deputy-Prime Minister Daniel Constantin told the PRIA Environment conference on ...

The state collected this January over 19.2 ml euro from trades in greenhouse gas allowances

Thursday, February 9, 2017


The state collected this January over 19.2 ml euro from trades in greenhouse gas allowances for fixed installations performed on the EU dedicated common auction platform, the Ministry of Public Finance (MFP) announced on its website. According to the cited source, 3.7 ml fixed installation allowances have been traded. In 2016 the state cashed 195 ...

MOL Group: Expansion of the exploration portfolio

Thursday, February 9, 2017


MOL Group expanded its exploration portfolio by acquiring new licenses in Hungary and Norway, the company informs în a press release sent to ACTMedia. MOL acquired 6 new licences in the 4th bid round in Hungary, doubling its exploration acreage in the country. MOL Norge participated in the latest APA licensing round and acquired 4 licences in the Norwegian Continental Shelf, one of which with operatorship. These successes significantly contribute ...

ANRE: There was no manipulation of the energy market, providers had inadequate management

Thursday, February 9, 2017

On the day ahead market (DAM) there are no dominant participants and the interconnected operation has virtually eliminated the possibilities of manipulation of this market, say the officials of the regulatory body for the market, ANRE, in an analysis upon the unjustified increase of the energy price in January, quoted by energynomics.ro. ...

Energy Union is about re-inventing our economy

Thursday, February 9, 2017

By Maroš Šef?ovi? The European Commission’s Winter Package of Energy Union laws will be a turning point for clean energy, writes Maroš Šef?ovi?. But the spirit of the package goes further than clean energy or tackling climate change – it’s also about economic transformation, he argues. Maroš ...

EurActiv: Europe’s coal generation: The final curtain call?

Thursday, February 9, 2017

European Commission plans for the Energy Union, tabled on 30 November, have set the clock ticking for the EU’s coal industry, whose days are now numbered, ErActiv.com reads. But proponents of coal say the industry is not down yet and highlight the need for a fair transition to clean energy. “For the next few years we’ll still need conventional plants in the system for when it’s dark and cold outside,” said Brian ...

High energy prices throw suppliers into bankruptcy, transactions – under scrutiny by ANRE and Competition

Thursday, February 2, 2017


Prices nearly tripple in the Romanian electricity market this January has put providers under fire regardless of their size, and authorities are analyzing last month’s trades, when energy has reached 650 lei (144 euros) per Mwh, energynomics.ro reads. Two transactions with large volumes of energy are under scrutiny, as they were made at unbalanced prices, say officials of the energy regulatory body (ANRE), while the Competition Council representatives were called to ...

Cupru Min had largest annual production in history last year

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Cupru Min Abrud, the company exploiting ores at Rosia Poieni, where 60% of Romania’s copper reserves are found, had the largest annual copper production in history, last year - 7,800 tons, while net salary incomes grew for the first time since 2013. For Cupru Min Abrud, 2016 was a record year according to the report published on Tuesday by the company on Facebook. The largest annual copper production was obtained in ...

Cost of climate change grows steadily in Europe

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Extreme climate events cost Europe €400 billion between 1980 and 2013, a report by the European Environment Agency has found. And the cost is rising, ...

Procurement – key element of strategic planning in the energy companies

Thursday, February 2, 2017

The cost is important, the technical compliance is mandatory, but the good positioning of the procurement process within the company’s strategic planning is the key to success in managing the supply chain of products, services and works. An energy giant (Nuclearelectrica), a leading provider of services (CEMS EPC SA) and a senior official of the National Agency for Public Procurement ...

Sefcovic: ‘Everybody wants to be on good terms with us’

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Commission Vice-President for Energy Union Maros Šefcovic told EurActiv.com that the Trump administration may be more protectionist than its predecessor. But he is not worried about the impact on the energy market, despite Europe’s immense import needs. Maros Sefcovic is European Commission vice-president for the Energy Union. He is a Slovak diplomat. ...

Study: half of the Romanians would like to heat their house with solar energy

Thursday, January 26, 2017


The use of solar energy as main source of heating the house is in the preferences of 49% of the Romanians, who consider that thus they would contribute to the protection of the environment shos a study made in eight European countries. The possible change to a system of heating with solar energy, indicated as ideal would mean radical transformation in a country as Romania where, according to the study mentioned, the majority of the houses are heated ...

The ministry of energy approved the Romgaz request for financing of the Iernut powerstation from the National Plan for Investments

Thursday, January 26, 2017


The ministry of energy approved the request lodged by Romgaz regarding the financing from the National Plan for Investments of a new power station on gas in Iernut, according to a press release of Romgaz, sent to the BVB. According to the document, during the period to come there will take place the negotiation process between Romgaz and the ministry of energy with regards to the provisions of the financing contract and the schedule for reimbursement ...

IRENA sees main geothermal power potential in South East Europe in Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia and Crotia

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Looking at the full technical potential for geothermal power generation development in the countries of South East Europe, IRENA sees Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia and Croatia as the only realistic development targets. In a report published in conjunction with the IRENA General Assembly earlier this month, IRENA published a report that looked at the potential for cost competitive renewable power generation in South East ...

6,371 green certificates traded in January 2017 on the Green Certificates Centralized Market

Thursday, January 26, 2017

The number of green certificates traded in January 2017 on the Green Certificates Centralized Market (PCCV) amounted to 6,371 units, a figure seven times bigger than that of the similar period last year, when 906 units were traded, according to data released by OPCOM, Romania's electricity and natural gas market operator. In January, 56 sales offers and seven ...


Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Energy Ministry posted on December 19 the Energy Strategy of Romania 2016-2030, with an Outlook to 2050. It has been a long-awaited document, on which stakeholders have for years pinned hopes about favored energy policies and from which decision-makers, public and private, expect guidance in the coming years. Based on a rigorous and complex elaboration that spanned over more than one year, the strategy provides a diagnosis of the ...

CE Oltenia claims its vital role in balancing the national energy system

Thursday, January 26, 2017

The coal based energy producers ensure a balanced national energy system and the large load fluctuations cause them significant loses, recalls CE Oltenia, in a press release quoted by energynomics.ro. The message was posted on the company’s website, two days after an associations of wind project developement companies asked the authorities to unblock the investments in the wind sector. “It is obvious for anyone that ...

SEE has vast renewable energy potential – IRENA

Thursday, January 19, 2017

The region of Southeast Europe (SEE) region possesses vast technical renewable energy potential of some 740 gigawatts (GW), according to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) quoted by seenews.com. The region’s wind energy potential amounts to 532 GW while photovoltaic potential is 120 GW, both being largely untapped, IRENA said in a cost competitive renewable energy report published on Friday. Th study was ...

Coal net production totalled in the first 11 months of last year 3.813 million tons of oil equivalent (toe)

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Coal net production in Romania totalled in the first 11 months of last year 3.813 million tons of oil equivalent (toe), 10.2pct (435.400 toe) lower when compared to the same period in 2015, according to the centralized data of the National Institute of Statistics ...

Austrian Group OMV: hydrocarbon production in the fourth quarter of 2016 decreased slightly to 315,000 barrels of oil

Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Austrian Group OMV, owner of Petrom, announced on Monday that hydrocarbon production in the fourth quarter of 2016 decreased slightly to 315,000 barrels of oil equivalent (boe) per day, from 309,000 boe per day in the similar period of 2015, however the contribution of OMV Petrom decreased to 170,000 boe per day in Q4 2016 from 176,000 boe per day in Q4 2015, the press release ...

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