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Extraordinary session of the parliament, between 27 and 29 January

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

The parliament gathers between 27th and 29th January in an extraordinary session to eliminate the special pensions and assume responsibility of the government. On Tuesday PSD wants to debate and vote in the Deputies’ chamber the elimination of special pensions, and on Wednesday the Orban cabinet assumes its responsibility for the election of mayors in two voting rounds. PSD has announced that they will lodge a censure motion together with ...

Ambassador Zuckerman: U.S. will not wave visas for Romanians too soon

Tuesday, January 28, 2020


The United States will not lift the visa regime for Romanians too soon, said the U.S. Ambassador in Bucharest, Adrian Zuckerman in an interview to “Ziarul de Iasi”, arguing that the rejection rate of visas required by the Romanians is currently 10%, when it should be 3%. Adrian Zuckerman said he will collaborate with Romanian President Klaus Iohannis and PM Ludovic Orban to reduce this rate, but mentioned he could not say if visas will be ...

The Ministry of Defence has launched a bid of up to 46.3 million euro for the acquisition of satellite communication services

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

The minister of defence through the Military Unit 02415 Bucuresti wants to acquire renting services for satellite circuits worth 46.3 million euro, according to an announcement published on the SICAP platform. The value of the framework agreement is estimated between 8.7 and 46.3 million euro. The offer must prove that they have finalized over the last three years prior to the deadline of presenting the candidature, contracts ...

The analysts CFA Romania estimate the depreciation of the leu and the increase of interest over the next 12 months

Tuesday, January 28, 2020


The financial analysts CFA Romania anticipate a depreciation of the leu over the next 12 months, up to an exchange rate of 4.8823 lei/euro and an increase of the interest both for short maturity and long maturity.“As regards the exchange rate euro/ron almost 90% of the participants anticipate a depreciation of the leu over the next 12 months (as compared to the present value).Thus, the average value of the anticipations for the horizon of 6 months is 4,8286 ...

Survey: a quarter of the employers freeze salaries this year, and a third offer an increase of at most 5%

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

One out of four employers will not offer any salary increase this year, although the majority of the employees hope to earn more, and 35.5% state that the salary increases planned for 2020 will be at most 5%, show the data of the survey made on the recruitment platform BestJobs. Salaries higher by 10% will be offered by 13% of the employers and two out of ten have budgeted increase up to 15% for the employees in the company. Only 6.5% of the ...

Special access line opened in Romania for airport passengers coming from China

Tuesday, January 28, 2020


Romania's Health Minister Victor Costache said on Monday that special access lines for passengers coming from China were established at international airports."For several days now, a special access line has been operating at international airports for passengers coming from China, as well as for Chinese passengers. We also have a database and we know their location in Romania. All travellers coming from China receive some special questionnaires and they are ...

Study: Volume of industrial and logistic areas rented in Romania in 2019 – 476,000 sq.m

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

The volume of industrial and logistic areas rented in Romania in 2019 amounted to 476,000 sq.m, a value similar to that of 2018, when transactions of 514,000 sq.m were made, according to a press release of real estate consulting company JLL Romania. Bucharest attracted most demands of industrial and logistic areas in Romania, about 76% (360,000 sq.m), followed by Slatina with 13% (62,000 sq.m). JLL recorded in semester 1 a ...

Infrastructure: Tender for Section 4 and Craiova-Pitesti Express Way resumed

Tuesday, January 28, 2020


The National Road Infrastructure Administration Corporation (CNAIR) lifted the suspension of tender procedure, offer presentation date being February 24 Companies willing to in participate in this public tender procedure can make clarification requests until the mentioned deadline that is 21 days before the presentation of offers. The estimated value is 909,669,122 lei, without VAT. The contract will last 36 months: 12 months ...

Eurostat: Germany, Poland, Hungary and Romania, most rail accidents in the EU

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

About 885 people in the European Union died and 760 were seriously injured in railway accidents in 2018 (not including suicides), most of them being recorded in Germany, Poland, Hungary and Romania, data released by the European Bureau on Wednesday shows. Statistics (Eurostat). Between 2010 and 2018, the number of significant railway accidents in the EU fell by close to 25% to 1 721 accidents, 571 fewer than in 2010. A total of 885 persons were killed ...

Agriculture: About a third of Romanians prefer beer. Wine chosen by one out of five Romanians

Tuesday, January 28, 2020


About a third of Romanians prefer beer, men being the main consumers, while wine ranks second, chosen by one out of five Romanians, followed by cider (15.4%), which is preferred by women, according to a study made by Reveal Marketing Research. Romanians occupy top positions both for alcohol production and consumption. The 510 million liter of wine produced in 2018 rank Romania 6th in Europe and 13th in the world, while the 1.8 billion liters of beer ...

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