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About 95% of companies in the outsourcing industry in Romania will implement hybrid work after the pandemic

Around 95% of the companies in the local outsourcing industry will implement hybrid work arrangements, combining office and remote work, after the pandemic, a survey of the  Association of Business Service Leaders in Romania (ABSL) quoted by Ziarul Financiar shows


The same survey showed that 55% of the employees in the industry would work from the office between 8 and 12 days per month after the pandemic. Some 5% of the companies said they would work 100% from the office after the pandemic ends.


More than 90% of the companies surveyed currently have remote-work arrangements, while 38% of the companies said their technical support staff currently works from the office and the rest of the employees come to the office only in special cases occasioned by meetings.


Some 40% of the companies in the industry plan to return to the office gradually, in a hybrid system, beginning July –August, reaching 61% by the end of 2021 or starting in 2022. Some 39% of the companies answering the survey do not yet know when they would go back to the office.


Among the top five criteria for going back to the office, the companies mentioned the employees’ individual choice, the type of projects implemented, the team’s decision, the employees’ performances, and the stage of the respective project.


Furthermore, 45% of the companies in the industry said they plan on working from the office between 8 and 10 days per month, while 10% plan on coming to the office 12 days per month. The employees of 22% of the companies surveyed will work from the office less than seven days per month or only occasionally. 


Regarding the offices, 61% of the companies will keep the offices they had before the pandemic and 39% plan to scale back on their office space. 


The same ABSL survey revealed 77% of the companies in the industry increased their employees’ salaries, while 13% kept them at the 2020 level.


The survey was carried out among 61 companies totaling some 39,000 employees, between February and March of this year.