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Adviser of premier Ponta : foreign investments could reach 2 billion euro in 2013


Romania could reach a total volume of foreign direct investment of about two billion euro and the economic growth will be almost two percentage points, Georgian Ghervasie, adviser for the promotion of the business environment of premier Victor Ponta said. He spoke, in an interview about the assets of Romania in the race for drawing foreign direct investment, the future measures in the Ponta government, as well as about the possibility to encourage the young entrepreneur and the business environment, through stimulation measures and reduction of social contributions.

When referring to the ways through which the Roma
nian authorities want to draw a larger volume of foreign investment, Georgian Ghervasie said ‘ everything starts from the main achievement of the last 12 months: fiscal consolidation, which in its turn is possible only by reaching the level of economic macro-stability. One of the main things which we made for macrostability is transparency’.

According to him, it is the first time after a long time when the world situation is favourable to big producers – big names in European economy and not only – started due to different reasons among which the increase of the price of work force to come back from Asia to Europe, where Romania has potential as it is obvious they look for cost efficiency and this cannot be done unless you have qualified work force, but with lower share in the costs, to ensure serious approach and stability in making the products. The big investors come with more or less discretion, but they create thousands of work places.

For example, Daimler who comes with investment of almost 300 million euro in a first stage. As well as Prysmian, who inaugurated in the presence of the premier of Romania his new excellence centre in Slatina, with investment of 10-15 million euro started and continuing in an immediate perspective. It is about about Bosch who comes with an investment of 75 million euro, but it seems it will be over 120; De Longhi who comes with investment of 40 million. There are discussions with other investors, it is about Oracle who will consolidate his position in Romania.At the same time, the industry of auto parts of high technology in Romania has a very big development, given by factories which are in Ploiesti, Caracal, in western region, in Timis and Arad where there are big investments. It is possible that 2013 will produce more vehicles in Romania than in Italy, Georgian Ghervasie said. According to him, 2013 will know foreign direct investment somewhere close to two billion euro.