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AVON and Kaufland Romania continue the campaign #CancelCancer


Starting with 7 July, women are urged to say Cancel Cancer and are invited to benefit of a free breast examination in the 22 cities included in the medical caravan this year.



  • What could you do in 15 minutes? How many things could you solve? Could 15 minutes make a difference?

  • Time – a resource so important that we often learn to value when it’s too late.

  • 15 minutes can mean a chance for life. 15 minutes is how much a breast ultrasound takes to find out you’re healthy and can continue to take care of your dear ones.

  • AVON and Kaufland Romania continue #CancelCancer this year – the national caravan for free breast ultrasounds.


It is the fifth year in which AVON and Kaufland, two responsible brands that are strongly involved in social campaigns, are joining forces for a noble cause: reducing the mortality caused by the detection of end-stage breast cancer.


As in previous years, a mobile medical office, with a friendly design and equipped with a state-of-the-art ultrasound scanner, will cross the country and reach 22 cities. The mobile unit will be located in the parking lots of Kaufland hypermarkets in each locality, where it will stay for three days.


For the first time this year, the medical team consists of specialists from the largest private medical network in Romania – Regina Maria.


“We often forget that in order to take care of our loved ones and to be able to complete the endless series of responsibilities, we must, first of all, be well. Otherwise, that domino effect occurs and no one and nothing around can be helped.

For women in Romania, care is a generational value. Not caring for themselves, but caring for loved ones. For this reason, they consider, most of the time, that a senological consultation is not a priority. Every year we rely on education and prevention, and the results are quick. And every year we try to reach as many cities as possible, in order to turn all the gray statistics into pink”, said Andreea Lupu, Cancel Cancer campaign coordinator, Publicis Media.

“CancelCancer is about people and for people. It is about courage, about empathy and noble spirit, in a world that should value these values more. And to encourage them.

This year we urge women in Romania to give themselves time, to devote 15 minutes to themselves, to find out that they are well. We urge them to learn to value themselves.


As every year, Cancel Cancer is about involvement. We are very happy about the scale of our initiative, from one year to the next. And for this we are also grateful to Kaufland, our partner with whom we have been changing the lives of thousands of women in Romania for five years.


And, indeed, TOGETHER WE WIN TIME”, added Andreea Moldovan, General Manager of AVON SEE.


“For 5 years, together with AVON, we have been contributing to the change of mentality regarding prevention. Thousands of women have benefited from free consultations within the Cancel Cancer campaign and we are happy to continue the caravan in the parking lots of our stores in all corners of the country. For us, at Kaufland Romania, involvement makes the difference”, said Anna Katharina Scheidereiter, CSR Manager of Kaufland Romania.


CancelCancer is a manifesto for health, for a healthy and responsible lifestyle. It is an initiative that aims to mobilize women to take care of their health and to focus on prevention.


Romania is the European country with the highest mortality caused by the very late detection (in stages 3 and 4) of breast cancer.


The #CancelCancer campaign was initiated by AVON with the support of Kaufland in 2017 and is a social initiative in order to improve statistics, educate women in Romania and turn prevention into a common and natural topic.


This year the project is carried out in four stages. More than 3,000 women will benefit, in 2021, from free anamnesis and breast ultrasounds, and – if needed – from a mammography voucher (at one of the Regina Maria clinics in each city or nearby).