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Bozankaya, the manufacturer of trams in Iasi and Timisoara, delivers the first driverless metro produced in Turkey

Bozankaya, a rolling stock manufacturer already present in the Romanian market, has delivered Turkey’s first driverless metro in Kocaeli. The project represents a revolutionary step in the evolution and modernization of railway infrastructure, opening new horizons in European mobility.


The inauguration ceremony took place at the Bozankaya factory in Ankara, attended by the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Abdulkadir Uraloslu.


We are delighted to present our first driverless metro manufactured in Turkey. Congratulations to the Bozankaya board and everyone who contributed to this project, from engineers to technicians. Bozankaya plays a significant role in advancing the railway system sector in Turkey, providing innovative solutions for public transportation’’, stated Minister Uraloslu.


The first delivery was completed on September 25, 2023, with the vehicle brought to the Gebze OSB sekerpsnar depot. By the end of 2023, the plan is to deliver a total of 4 metros, each consisting of 7 wagons The metro features outlets for passenger devices and is produced locally at a rate of 63%. With a moving speed of 80km/h and a length of 88 meters, the metro is using a “Regenerative Brake’’ System to recover energy generated during braking, contributing to overall energy consumption reduction.


The Gebze-Darsca Metro was specially designed for the Kocaeli province and represents an innovation for railway transport in Turkey. Operating autonomously at the GoA4 automation level, it is equipped with top notch technology. This project provides an opportunity for Bozankaya to leverage our resources and staff talent for innovation and unique projects in Turkey through our years of experience’’, said Aytunç Günay, Chairman of the Board at Bozankaya.


Its futuristic and ergonomic design offers passengers generous space and elegance. In the wagons, there are dedicated areas for motor scooters, bicycles and spaces for people with disabilities. Artistic elements, specifically motifs from Hereke Carpet in the Kocaeli province, adorn the floor and the passengers can enjoy some entertainment during their journeys thanks to integrated screens in the wagons.


We are pleased to have completed this large-scale project for the future of public transport. The metro stands out with the highest passenger transport capacity in its class (AW4), providing seating for 1476 passengers. We are also honored to be involved in the project to deliver 100 GoA2 level automated metros exclusively in Istanbul as part of the celebration of the centenary of the Turkish Republic. The project started in July 2023 and is set to be completed by April 2025’’, added Aytunç Günay.


Bozankaya is the first rolling stock and metro exporter from Turkey, forming a partnership with Siemens Mobility in 2016, providing light trains for the Thailand-Bangkok Green Line project. Bozankaya’s GoA2 level automed metros, specially produced for Bangkok, are user-friendly, have low maintenance costs, offer uninterrupted services and high efficiency.




About Bozankaya:

Founded nearly three decades ago in Germany, with rapid expansion into Turkey, Bozankaya has a robust track record as an innovator in the development and manufacture of environmentally friendly urban public transport vehicles, with significant energy savings in operation and low noise levels. Bozankaya holds the intellectual property rights for vehicles and technology produced in research centers in Ankara and its extensive production and design facilities, covering an area of 100,000 square meters.