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CEO S&T Romania: Business increased last year by approximately 50% against 2020 and the advance of the net profit is close to 400%  


S&T Romania, one of the biggest IT&C integrators has managed to continue in 2021 the upwards trend started three years before, due to the organic growth of the activity and of the acquisition of companies, stated for Profit.ro the general manager of the company, Nicoleta Macovei.


The preliminary data of the company show that business grew last year by approximately 50% against 2020 and the advance of the net profit is close to 400%. According to the latest public data available, S&T Romania had in 2020 a turnover of 217.7 million lei, up by 2.1% against 2019 and the net profit reached 917.607 lei.

‘The fact that we acquired Entreprise Concept, a company which brings clients from top retail, is part of our objective to cultivate a tight connections with the private sector. We mean to continue this trend in 2022 as well, when we have in mind a rate of 50/50 public-private’ estimated the head of the company. Before the transaction, Enterprise Concept was integrally controlled by Hexit SRL.The trading was approved by the shareholders on 1st November 2020.

Macovei says that the taking over of Enterprise Concept was very important for the evolution of S&T Romania and the results of the acquisition will be seen in the years to come. ‘Given the fact that we are one of the biggest IT integrators on the Romanian market, we have a cluster of specialists with large experience for each activity area. As the business developed so did the number of employees. Thus, in 2019 we had 181 employees, and in 2021 we reached the number of 250. At the same time, we rely on our projects partners to subcontract specialists’ said Macovei.

The head of the company says that ‘there is a window of opportunity for S&T Romania for the next five years’ for 2022 estimating an advance of the business by 10% against the previous year.


S&T Romania is part of the international group S&T AG (Austria), a supplier of IT solutions with over 5,000 employees, which operates in 32 countries in the world. The majority of the S&T AG shares are owned in free float regime (68%), a part are owned by the investment funds such as Allianz Global Investors GmbH and BNP Paribas Asset Management and the rest are owned by Ennoconn Corporation, subsidiary of the Taiwan company Foxconn – at present the biggest world producer of electronic parts for the technology companies in the world. Among the Foxconn clients there are companies such as Apple, Hewlett Packard and Dell.