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Deficit of people in online marketing


The Romanians who work in the domain of optimisation of the sites for search engines (Search Engine Optimisation, SEO) have salaries between 500 and 1000 euro, but the heads of the SEO departments of the big western companies can earn, in exchange, five times more, according to a press release of a company in the sector. According to the press release, Romania has a big deficit of SEO specialists. Although the domain is no longer a new one, the number of those who work in SEO is not one to cover the needs, and the number of specialists is even more reduced, even though it is a domain which could offer consistent financial benefits.

The main causes of this deficit is that of a wrong perception as regards the activity as such, the way in which SEO has changed over the last years and the lack of training courses, so that those interested could learn the most important aspects of SEO.

‘The lack of thorough training courses for online marketing in the specialty faculties is one of the causes of the deficit in specialists. Another cause is that, up to three years ago, the SEO activity was simpler and did not need general marketing knowledge. At present, a SEO specialist must be a good marketing specialist, in communication as well, with a good business vision. At the same time, there is the perception that programming knowledge is also important, but SEO does not mean programming. Today, SEO is online marketing, branding, notions much larger and more complex’ Ovidiu Joita said.

The lack of specialists represents a disadvantage not only for the online marketing agencies who want to hire people who are well trained, but also to the companies which need SEO services and get to contract services which do not bring any benefit.

At the level of the market, there are few specialised agencies in SEO if we relate to the potential number of clients. We are talking about agencies which bring results to the clients in their portfolio, as there are many people who are not prepared and who benefit from the lack of knowledge of the entrepreneurs and ask for money for services which they cannot offer or they offer them at a low quality, without any beneficial results for the clients’ the founder of iAgency and JediSEO School says.