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DS Smith invests 11 million euros in Zarnesti factory until 2023

DS Smith, the manufacturer of cardboard package announced on Wednesday that it invests 11 million euros until 2023 in Zarnesti factory, to replace the sewer system, to purchase the commission a new technological water cleansing system and an incinerator. 


The paper package factory will focus on efficient operations, environment protection and sustainable local development.


Over 2021-2023, DS Smith Zarnesti will invest 11 million euros to replace the sewer system, purchase and put in operation a new water purification station and an incinerator allowing the reduction of gas consumption and the carbon dioxide print to 20% per year, at factory level.  


At the same time, the new equipment will contribute to reduce fresh water consumption to 20%, the quantity of technological waste by 60% through their better internal use. The final calendar of implementation will be established according to the time needed by authorities to issue approvals.


The company points out that new projects will be launched in 2021. Last year, the company concluded a partnership with secondary schools in Zarnesti where over 300 students participated by interactive sessions with topics like environment protection, selective collection of wastes and circular economy. 


DS Smith Zarnesti factory is the largest paper manufacturer for packages in Romania, ensuring the necessary for half of the local market and uses as raw materials paper and cardboard wastes.


DS Smith in Romania has a center coordinating recycling operations in Bucharest, two recycling warehouses in Otopeni and Cluj Napoca, a paper factory for packages in Zarnesti, two package factories in Ghimbav and Timisoara and three work points in Pitesti, Timisoara and Otopeni, with a total of 650 employees. DS Smith is one of the main global suppliers of packages, cardboard, activating at the same time in the segment of paper recycling and manufacturing.


Based in London and a member of FTSE 100, DS Smith carries out its activity in 34 countries and has 34,000 employees. The activity of the company started in 1940 when the Smith family had a business  specialized in  box manufacturing.