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Florin Jianu: Working capital support scheme for SMEs to be opened on October 26

The working capital support scheme for SMEs will open on October 26, said Florin Jianu, president of the National Council of Private Small and Medium Enterprises in Romania (CNIPMMR) on Friday, at the end of the meeting of the representatives of the Coalition for Romania's Development with Prime Minister Ludovic Orban.

"Two topics discussed today - this is about the one billion euros for SMEs. You know that the first measure has already been launched, 2,000 euros for micro-enterprises that do not have employees. This measure will continue until the program budget is exhausted, about 12,000 micro-enterprises have benefited from this measure so far. The budget is for up to 50,000 companies, so we continue to encourage micro-enterprises to apply for this measure. The second scheme, for the working capital, will be opened on October 26, and the third investment measure for SMEs will be opened in the week of November 1 to 8. So these things are already being discussed and implemented," said Florin Jianu.

He added that another topic discussed was the Economic Recovery and Resilience Plan.

"We asked for an important component of this program to be dedicated to the business environment in several directions. Firstly, we need a relaunch of the Start-up sector in Romania, secondly we need investments and the modernization of the SMEs, but also of the large companies component. Thirdly, we need investments in the construction sector, because the Economic Recovery Plan will mean extremely significant funds for infrastructure and then you also need prepared companies for this sector. We also need investment in the tourism leisure infrastructure and we asked for a component to be in this area too, as we also need to tend to Romania's food security means, namely agri-food warehouses, investments in companies and in agri-food safety. All these components are and will be found in the Plan for Romania's relaunch and economic resilience. We hope the amount is a match, the Government has accepted these requirements and we are thinking along the same lines as concerns the business environment," said Jianu.

In this context, Dragos Petrescu, leader of the Employers' Organization of Hotels and Restaurants in Romania, pointed out that an important topic of the meeting with the government was related to "the predictability of the business environment relative to the tax system in 2021".

"The Prime Minister of Romania stressed that the current tax system will not be changed and we highlighted the importance of maintaining the flat tax in next year's system and it was decided to keep it unchanged, as well as the other taxes in their entirety, that was the Romanian Government's promise," Petrescu said.