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In 2018, every two days a company with impact in the economy got into insolvency


The number of insolvencies among the companies of impact was kept constant in the last three years registering a slight drop from 184 of companies in 2017 to 183 in 2018 shows an analysis of CITR company specialized in insolvencies.

The total value of assets immobilized of the companies of impact in insolvency reached in 2018 809 million euro, the lowest threshold over the last five years and dropping with 34.44% as compared to the previous year.

The 183 companies of impact in insolvency in 2018 have a number of 11,760 employees with 17.42% less than in 2017. The counties with the most insolvencies of impact are: Bucharest and Ilfov (66.35%) Sibiu (9,5%), Cluj (8,4%), Bihor (7,4%), Constan?a (7,4%), Bra?ov (6,3%).

The most impact on the market of insolvency is kept in 2018 in the industrial sector which owns 29% of the number of insolvencies of impact ( similar to the previous year ) and almost 30% of the value of assets immobilized (242 million euro). At the same time, the industry owns almost 23% of the turnover in the total of insolvencies of impact (149 million euro) dropping by 8% as compared to the previous year and ensures 4,504 work places.

At the level of industrial sector affected by insolvency in 2018 the food industry occupies the first place, with 18 companies of impact in insolvency with a turnover of 62 million euro and 1,740 employees coming before the chemical industry which occupies the first place in 2017.

In 2018 there were 15 companies of impact which got in insolvency monthly which means an insolvency every two days. Among the insolvencies of impact, 119 were opened at the request of the debtors, and 64 at the request of creditors.

As regards the environment of the Romanian entrepreneurship in 2018 were set up 135,532 new companies, while 8,304 got in insolvency with almost 9% less than the previous year.

The companies of impact are companies with assets of over 1 million euro, representing 3% of the companies in the circuit of Romanian economy, which generates approximately 65% of the turnover at the national level and they are responsible of 49% of the number of employees in Romania, according to the study of CITR group.