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Mapei brings inspiration in construction, alongside Armada agency


Mapei announces the launch of a new communication campaign in Romania. Named "Inspiration," the new product campaign created by Armada, starts from the idea that inspiration means for each of us something else. It gets all sorts of shapes and colors, depending on what we want or what we need at that moment, the company informs în a press stateme t sent to ACTMedia.

And, in construction, inspiration means Mapei!

„The dialogue with our clients is very important and in the busiest season of the year -  summer – we address their needs with the solutions they deserve, offering them a high level of quality, which also ensures their comfort. Having already been on the Romanian market for over ten years, where price competition is harsh, it has not been easy to keep our high stakes insisting on quality and durability, but now we can say it was worth it. We have consolidated our position and today customers know that when they want solutions without compromise, Mapei is the answer.” (Florin Ciobanu, managing director Mapei Romania)

Mapei, the world leader in the production of ceramic products adhesives, has been providing the best materials to let your imagination run wild in more than 80 years, in as many shapes, shades and colors as possible! And this year, the inspiration comes from the creative center of the world: Italy.

In construction, inspiration means quality!

KV Hidroizolatii

In construction, inspiration means the largest range of colors on the market!

KV Chituri

„After a 2-year communication on the "You are what you build" direction, we've decided to make a change to a product communication, exactly on the benefits consumers are returning to Mapei - the quality of materials and inspirational diversity. We are proud of what we have built together with Mapei all these years. We move forward with confidence, enjoying a stronger impact among our clients, both through the power of the words and the marketing mix." (Tiberiu Tuluca, general manager Armada Marketing)

The Mapei campaign was launched on May 23, 2018 online, on mobile, a special project for  Discovery TV, Outdoor (RATB) and Special Events, with 6 visuals, three for GROUTS (Keracolor FF, Ultracolor Plus & Kerapoxy Design) and three for WATERPROOFING (Mapelastic, Mapegum WPS & Planiseal 88). So far, three visuals from this series are running, and the next three will be released in the next period.

Mapei is the world leader in the production of ceramic products adhesives, with over 5000 dedicated products and 25,000 tons of products delivered daily. The foundations of the Romanian subsidiary were set up in 2006 by the establishment of MAPEI Romania as part of the group's internationalization strategy. MAPEI Romania portfolio contains over 500 products, and at the business level it has a turnover of over 13 million Euros.

Armada is a full service agency, part of the Propaganda group. Armada customers include large names such as Mapei Romania, Idea Bank, Airco Group, Prodvinalco, Alpin 57 Lux, IPSO Agriculture, Transilvania Train and many others.