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Navodari Chemical Fertiliser Plant more successful in 2018


Navodari Chemical Fertiliser Plant, the only Romanian manufacturer of technological fertilisers in Romania, concluded 2018 financial year with a business figure of 106 million lei, on the rise by 10% against the previous year, according to a company press release.

“2018 was a good year for us and I think this is due to the fact that we are very attentive to farmers’ needs. The latter started changing their options for fertilisers and granted importance to fertiliser quality. On one hand they understand the importance of all nutritional elements and their contribution in growing farm production. On the other hand, because of extreme agricultural -meteorological conditions and lack of irrigations, they are extremely cautious in growing per hectare investment,” said Cezara Visan, executive director of the plant.

For 2019 the plant intends to consolidate the already obtained results and take into account a minimum 5% advance of the business figure and profit.

Investments made at Navodari Chemical Fertiliser Plant exceed 5 million euro in the last years.

The Plant is a company with tradition in manufacturing chemical fertilisers and a promoter of the latest fertiliser technologies in Romania. The company’s objective is developing and bringing into the market products that include the latest technologies and can help farmers. Two unique technologies have been homologated and introduced into the market of late: basic or complex nitrogen fertilisers with controlled nitrogen release -  the NG range, and basic or complex phosphorus fertilisers - Amesal range, which are environment friendly.

The Plant has 100 employees and 250 collaborators, a storing capacity of 100,000 tonnes in covered deposits and platforms and is a completely independent company.