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Packeta Romania’s business grew by almost 30% in 2023, to 21.7 million euros

Packeta Romania, global digital platform for online commerce, member of the Packeta Group, registered, in 2023, business of 21.7 million euros, an increase of almost 30% compared to the previous year. The evolution took place in the context of the increase in the number of parcels processed, Packeta Romania being a regional hub that also serves external markets in the region, such as Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey.


The turnover achieved last year by Packeta Romania represents 7% of the total turnover, of over 294 million euros, that Packeta Group, registered in 2023.

“For the year 2023, we brokered a total of 7.5 million parcels through warehouses in Romania, with surfaces between 2,500 sq m and 3,000 sq m, located in Bucharest and Oradea. We estimate a significant advance for the year 2024, with a forecasted volume of 30% growth”, says Alexandr Jeleascov, Managing Director at Packeta Romania, noting that in 2024, Packeta Romania is considering relocating the warehouse in Oradea to a larger space to meet the ever-growing demands of the market.


2023 also brought an increase in the number of online stores and partner sellers, to over 1,800, Packeta Romania’s plans in this direction aiming for an increase of approximately 30% by the end of the year.


“As for Packeta’s local network of pick-up points in Romania, we are currently talking about national coverage – over 1,000 locations in 205 localities. We focus on efficiency and consolidation by increasing volumes in the already existing network of pick-up points. By the end of the year, we aim to further expand this network, improving accessibility and offering convenient options to our customers”, says Alexandr Jeleascov.


For this year, Packeta Romania’s goals include strategic partnerships with online commerce platforms, large online stores, marketplaces and logistics companies, to ensure access to innovations and maintain a competitive advantage. The company also aims to adopt green technologies in warehouses to increase energy efficiency and sustainability.