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Sonimpex registered the trademark ‘ Topoloveni’ with OSIM


Sonimpex registered the trademark Topoloveni with State Office of Inventions and Trademarks (OSIM) for several categories of products such as jams, preserves, ‘zacusca ‘ ( Romanian dish made of eggplants and tomatoes) tomato paste, ‘sarmale’ (meat rolled in cabbage leaves), pastry and confectioner’s produce which include jam or preserve, as well as a longlist of vegetables and fresh fruits, according to a press release of the company, sent on Monday. The certificate of registration was issued by OSIM on 5th August 2020, and the duration of protection of the brand is ten years since the deposit date or the date of request ( 26th July 2019) with a possibility of renewal.

Topoloveni has become a registered trademark  with OSIM due to its renown. In 2011, the plum jam  Topoloveni received from the European Union the certification if Protected Geographical Indication (IGP), Sonimpex being the first producer in food in industry of Romania which got this protection of a produce, and since 2011 up to 2016 the only one. Uniqueness for the IGP for the plum jam Topoloveni is that, out of  approximately 1,500 quality certificates offered by the EU it is the only IGP which was offered to an  individual producer and not to a group, according to the press release.

The registration of the trademark is a supplementary measure of Sonimpex Topoloveni to protect the brand. ‘Unfortunately, the renown of the Topoloveni name built by Sonimpex was exploited by the competition,  by using illegally the name on their own labels. Unfortunately, this time for the consumer, the competition took the name only, without copying the quality of the produce. 

The result was the disappointment of the customers. IGP and the renown of the trademark were for us reasons for professional satisfaction.As for the protection of the brand in Romania, the only entitiy which made efforts to protect the trademark and the observance of the law were we ourselves’ Bibiana Stanciulov, the general manager of Sonimpex Topoloveni said, quoted in the press release.

According to the trademark law, article 26 the certificate of registration for Topoloveni trademark offers  the rightful owner exclusive use,  coming under the protection of the law.

In the country, the quality of the Topoloveni products is appreciated by consumers and similarly by the title of Supplier of the Royal House of Romania. Moreover, the Topoloveni produce represent Romania and its gastronomic tradition in the European Union and the whole world.

Having the only IGP in the EU offered to an individual producer and not to a group Sonimpex Topoloveni benefitted from the support of the European Commission for acknowledgement of the IGP in Canada and Japan.

In 2019,Sonimpex Topoloveni was selected to accompany to Japan Phil Hogan, the European Commissionaire for Agriculture and Rural Development in an economic mission at high level, destined to the promotion of quality food produce in the EU.
Over the last years, the EU offered Sonimpex Topoloveni funds of approximately 2 million euro for the  promotion of the plum jam in Switzerland, Norway, Russia, the US, Japan, The United Arab Emirates, Brasil and Viet-nam.