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Study: One out of three Romanian companies will hire people in second quarter, 2017


About a third (32%) of employers in Romania anticipate an increase of the number of employees in the second quarter of 2017, while only 7% of company representatives foresee a drop of personnel, according to a study made by human resource group ManpowerGroup, about prospects of employing labour force, published on Tuesday. Labour force demand is higher in Central and North-Western Transylvania, which includes developed and dynamic counties like Cluj, Sibiu or Brasov, while Moldova and Oltenia have the lowest labour force offer.

In the previous report, with employment provision in the first quarter of 2017, only 19% of employers interviewed in Romania foresaw increases of total number of employees while 13% indicated drops.

In the present report, the labour force market situation shows improvement.

“Net Employment Provision is positive in all eight regions and all 10 sectors of activity in Romania for the first time in the Romanian edition of ManpowerGroup study, launched in quarter 2, 2008, although the employers’ confidence degree is different from one region to another and from one sector to another,” said Corina BIanca Gonteanu, strategic marketing director of ManpowerGroup.

“Bright and stable employment prospects, equalling the most optimistic ones reported since the beginning of crisis, show a more favourable and diversified market, benefiting people looking for jobs, if they have professional and interpersonal abilities required,” Gonteanu added.

The biggest employment intentions for the second quarter of 2017 are those of companies from the Central area, including Alba, Brasov, Covasna, Harghita, Mures and Sibiu counties (+29%), North Western area (+24%) and Southern area (+23%).

In exchange, the North Eastern area, including counties from Moldova, have the lowest employment chances for quarter 2, 2017, with net provision level of +3%, while in South Western area Oltenia the level is +6%.

The study also shows that between April-June 2017, the overall number of employees could grow in all 10 sectors of activity analysed.

“Employers in the processing industry sector report the strongest employment prospects, with net employment provision of +31%, while retail trade employers anticipate an active labour market, with provisions of +30%, the authors of the study show.

At the opposite pole, agriculture and extractive industry have the lowest chances of offering jobs in the second quarter of the year, when employment prospect indicator is only +3%.

After eight consecutive quarters of negative figures, the electricity, water and gas sectors report a positive net employment provision of +8%.

The study was made following field investigations in Romania over January 18-31, on a representative sample of 625 employers. Results have a margin of error of +/-3.9%.

The latest official statistics show that the number of jobless people was 487,904 in January, the lowest level of 1994, while the jobless rate went down to 5.4%, the lowest level since 2008.