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Study: people want to have their own business, but they avoid it due to the instability of the economic environment


Many would like to have their own business but very few take that step due to difficulties such as the difficulty to find financial support and the instability of the  economic environment shows an international study made by Metro, which analysed the independent businesses in ten countries.

These results show us new perspectives with regard to the importance the  society offers to independent businesses and help us understand what motivates and worries the entrepreneurs’ Olaf Koch, the chairman of the Board of Metro AG says.

For this study, Metro selected a sample of 10,000 people from Romania, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Turkey, Russia and China.

‘One thing is clear; there are many people who would like to start their own business but in the end they don’t do it. This study analyses the reasons which explain this decision. The entrepreneurial potential is stimulated only if there is an adequate framework and the adequate support is offered’ he adds.

The study shows that people prefer the independent business and their impact in the communities. Other factors which show the preference for  independent business include the quality of the products and services, as well as the close relation of the entrepreneurs with their clients.

Similarly, almost half of the  interviewed people who do not have a business (48%) stated they would like to own their own business.

‘Only some of those interested to won a business are confident they will do it some day’ the authors of the study say.

While most of the interviewed ones expressed their interest to own a business, only 13% think it is possible to do it.

‘The international study regarding independent business made by Metro’ shows this difference as being an entrepreneurial discrepancy and brings to light details with regard to barriers which people perceive and which stop them from taking the step of having their own business. Among the main reasons are the difficulty of finding financial support, as well as the instability of the economic environment.

Moreover, the improvement of the conditions for the development of  independent business is considered  as being the responsibility of the political environment.

One of the main objectives of the study was that of finding out more about the challenges the  entrepreneurs face.

‘When asked what is the biggest threat on the success of their business, the majority of the  entrepreneurs expressed their worry with regard to the lack of financial support, the economic situation in their country, taxes and bureaucracy’ the Metro representatives add.

These worries vary depending on the country, the economic situation and the taxes in the respective country, being more evident in Italy and Romania.

This shows that the entrepreneurs want to rely on a political system which promotes norms and laws meant to create an environment where independent business can prosper.

If they had to start again, nine out of ten entrepreneurs would choose to start their own business.

Despite all challenges shown in this study, the business owners are confident that had the right decision when starting a business; if they could go back in time, an overwhelming percentageof 89% of the interviewed ones would choose to become entrepreneurs again.

Metro is the leader in wholesale at global level and operates in 35 countries with over 150,000 employees. In the financial year 2015/2016 Metro recorded sales of approximately 37 billion euro.

Metro Cash&Carry Romania was launched officially in October 1996.