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Telekom Romania Mobile ended Q1 2022 with growth on all key performance indicators


Telekom Romania Mobile’s total revenues have increased 1.6% year on year in Q1 2022 to 78.4 million euro, considering the impact of wholesale (MVNO) and other income related to the fixed operations. Service revenues were affected by sharp cuts in mobile termination rates, which were reduced by 8% on July 1, 2021 and another 21% at the start of 2022, according to a company’s press release.


Telekom Romania Mobile says that the biggest accomplishment is the significant increase of the EBITDA year on year in Q1 2022, to 11.7 million euro, under the same reporting reference, fueled by two achievements: on one hand the increase of the total base of customers, and on the other, by a consistent reduction of the direct costs by 28.6%.


Telekom Mobile’s total base of customers has increased by 7.6% in Q1 2022 versus Q1 2021, to 3.82 million. Out of the total, 1.75 million were subscribers (up 5.1% yoy, 8th quarter in a row) and 2.07 million were prepaid users (up 9.8% yoy, 3rd quarter in a row on a sequential basis).


First quarter results crown our efforts to transform the way we design our services and serve our customers, always standing firm to our ‘Simple and Fair’ commitment. Constantly listening to what our customers say and devoted to solving their pain points, we aligned the offers for the new and existing customers, we simplified the invoice and the contract and we redesigned their client journey in the most transparent way. Besides those, we continued with a new portfolio under the motto ‘What you see is what you pay’, in April. And we will not stop until we win the hearts of our customers”, said Dina Tsybulskaya, Telekom Romania Mobile CEO.


The improvement in line of the performance indicators in Q1 2022 is signaled also by the overall satisfaction of customers, with 80% of them being promoters and a steady and continuous improvement in our Net Promoter Score.


The performance of Telekom Romania Mobile in Q1 2022 is a breakthrough given the general context of doing business in the first three months of the year: a speeding inflation and soaring prices of utilities which affected Romanians’ average purchase power, and the geopolitical situation which degraded in late February.


In the first quarter of 2022, we brought new attractive commercial promotions to the market. On the operational side, we will continue to invest in a smart way, and to pursue a strict cost discipline that will help us prevail through these times of unpredictability. With this we are laying the basis for a potentially successful year 2022. The first year in the new set up as a Mobile Only Player that cares always 100% for its customers”, said Nicolas Mahler, Chief Financial Officer, Telekom Romania Mobile.


Putting permanently the customer needs and expectations at the heart of all the actions and priorities, since January 2022, Telekom is using the latest technology in customer feedback management software to collect customer insights, thus quickly identifying and quantifying experience issues at scale and responding to them in real time.


In February, Telekom Romania Mobile announced a new offer – “double unlimited” – available both for new customers switching to Telekom Mobile from another network or taking out a new subscription, and for existing customers who want to renew their Telekom Mobile subscription, simply and without worrying about costs. The same month, Telekom Mobile network became 100% unlimited for all prepaid customers, as long as they have any benefit option active, whether they were already prepaid users or choose the Telekom card.


In March, Telekom Mobile got involved in the humanitarian aids for Ukrainian refugees crossing the border into Romania, by donating prepaid SIM cards with free communication, and also by implementing donation lines via SMS, together with organizations such as UNICEF or the Romanian Red Cross, on top of the free of charge communication towards and in Ukraine offered to support all company`s clients.


Telekom Romania Mobile continued its ambitious plan of connecting its base stations to photovoltaic panels, in order to replace the current power sources with renewable energy sources.


This is a constant investment for us. We care about the environment and also one of our main concerns is represented by the quality and stability of our network. I am sure that the use of photovoltaic panels will help our company fulfill its plans for a greener world”, added Nicolas Mahler.


Following the implementation of the panels, the energy consumption of the respective mobile antennas could decrease up to 90%, depending on the meteorological conditions.


Customer experience focus reflected also in the company’s digitalization journey. Out of the newly RPA-enhanced processes in Q1 2022, 54% support commercial activities, 31% financial operations, and 15% network operations.


Customers also adhere to the digital trends. At the end of Q1, 74% of them paid their invoices based on online bills and 25% manage their services through My Account application.


Telekom Mobile will continue to work in an agile way, serve its customers and provide them with state of the art services that they want from a mobile operator in the digital era”, concluded Nicolas Mahler.