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The new share market for SMEs will be launched on February 25, 2015


 The new share market for SMEs, called AeRO, will be launched on February 25, 2015, the Bucharest Stock Exchange /BVB/ CEO Ludwik Sobolewski told a Friday's specialist conference. 

"We have worked hard at the BVB to create a new legend in Central and Eastern Europe when it comes to capital markets. This year we have had achievements and we are closer to what we may call a modern capital market, but more things are still to be done. We will launch a new market for fresh, innovative and creative business. The share market will be inaugurated on February 25 next year and that will be the time when we have companies to build the market and that will mean the start of accessing the capital market. February 25 will be a significant date also for investors and companies. What interests us is to have not only listed companies, but also to see that these have passed the market's test. On February 25, we will have the first AeRO companies that will get money and will draw investors. The launch of AeRO will be an achievement also in terms of the capital market of Romania. I can assure you that the AeRO Market is a strategic project of the BVB," said Sobolewski. 

According to Sobolewski, the development of the BVB "is a constant project," and its goal is "not only to improve the domestic market but also to raise it to international level." 

On Wednesday, the Financial Supervisory Authority /ASF/ approved the regulations of the new BVB market for SMEs, AeRO, including new listing requirements applicable to the companies that want to be listed. The most important change is brought about by the introduction of the authorized consultant role. 
Thus, the businesses that want to assume the role of authorized consultant will provide crucial support to issuers before their start and during the listing process, but also regarding the reporting and transparency requirements after the start of the issuer. These will also be responsible for advising companies on any legal and administrative matters that may arise and will contribute to preparing the relevant documents requested by the market participants. 

The companies wishing to be listed on AeRO must have an anticipated market capitalization of at least 250,000 euros, either through a private investment, an Initial Public Offering, or on the basis of the evaluation carried out by authorized consultant. 

In addition to the AeRO new market section, the Alternative Trading System will further have other two segments, one for international shares and one for bonds, the BVB mentions.