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US companies offered Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu a roadmap on the rule of law


A delegation of US companies offered Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu a roadmap, written by experts from Washington, with provisions on the rule of law, transparency and efficiency that US business people consider as priorities for the business development between the two sides. 

Sorin Grindeanu met on Wednesday with a delegation led by Eric Stewart, president of the American-Romanian Business Council (AMRO). 

"Rule of law, transparency, efficiency, these are included in a roadmap that we have presented to the two governments (US and Romania e. n.). It seems an extremely normal part in doing business, for the priorities to be clearly laid out for both governments. In the past, the US Government worked closely with the Romanian government on all these issues. I saw much progress and our companies feel confident when doing business in Romania that everything will be fair, legal and transparent. An example of this trust is precisely this business mission that was introduced here, the largest business mission ever brought to Romania. Companies are very enthusiastic about what is happening," said Stewart, after the meeting. 

He specified that the roadmap was prepared by experts in Washington who are familiar with the business domain and with Romania. 

"Our countries have always been very good friends and we hope that our economic relations become just as good as the political one. Romania has many competitive advantages, the most notable being education. In some countries we are not very welcomed, but from you and the people we get a warm reception. We, at AMRO Business Council, we have prepared a roadmap for your government to consider. It was drawn up by many experts in Washington who are familiar with the business environment and with Romania," the AMRO official further said.

The US - Romania strategic partnership will witness a significant economic development in the next period, Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu told a press conference at the Victoria Palace of Government on Wednesday. 

"I look at this meeting as a start. To cite a saying 'Mere words won't fill a bushel', and none of the sides wants this. The specific elements we will establish at today and tomorrow's meetings of the ministers with representatives of the American-Romanian Business Council (AMRO) must become reality. We presented the available economic data. We discussed priorities, including budget-related ones. I am confident that the US - Romania strategic partnership will witness a significant development in the next period in economic terms as well," Grindeanu said at the end of the meeting with a US business delegation headed by AMRO president Eric Stewart. 

The PM specified that representatives of 12 of the most powerful US companies were present at the meeting. 

"Mr. Stewart and Mr. Ambassador both told me this is the most powerful economic delegation that visits Romania in several years, which makes us optimistic for the future. This wasn't a courtesy meeting. It was a hands-on discussion on concrete projects that we can and will develop in the coming years. Today and tomorrow the ministers have meetings scheduled with representatives of the companies present today at the meeting, in healthcare, defence, transport, energy, finance and so on, leading to what we are after, namely concrete steps to strengthening Romania's strategic partnership with the US," the Premier said.