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Vitacom Electronics estimates a turnover growing by 10% this year, from 60 miillion lei in 2020


The importer and distributor of  electronic products and accessories Vitacom Electronics estimates a turnover growing by 10% this year, from 60 million lei in 2020 and plans to move to  a new logistic centre in Cluj-Napoca.


 ‘Vitacom Electronics finished 2020 with a turnover of approximately 60 million lei and a quarter of the sales came from the online environment. The company estimates for 2021 growth of the turnover by 10%. The year that passed, the main channel for sales was the traditional market, made up of resellers, namely shops with electronic, electrical products and IT accessories who acquired products from Vitacom’ the company says.


Similarly, for this year, the company plans to add  new products to the portfolio as well  as the extension of the operations by moving out to a new logistics centre.

 ‘The most wanted products in the portfolio in 2020 were those in the category of household use and some electrical robots, thermometres, meat grinding machines, mowers, electrical heaters or fans. Similarly,mostly wanted were the products in the category of connectors, such as cables,extension cords,batteries, and especially those necessary for work and homeschooling, such as headphones, webcams or microphones’ the representatives of the company say.


Thus, the average purchasing basket for a client B2C was between 100 and 150 lei.

In 2021, Vitacom will move to a new logistics centre in the metropolitan area of Cluj, where most of the working flows are automated. The new centre will ensure the increase of productivity, by more speedy delivery of the products.The company intends to include new products in the portfolio depending on the demand  on the market.


The company also wants the optimisation and development of the platforms and the replacement of soft with some more performing or latest generation variants.

 ‘We will concentrate on the development of the business on the online sector and we will move both the team and the operations in a new centre which will benefit from a warehouse designed  to increase productivity of the operations. This is what we expect to bring us growth of the turnover by up to 10%’ stated Aviva Vita, the executive administrative manager of Vitacom Electronics.


Vitacom Electronics was set up in 1991 and it is one of the biggest companies in the domain of electronic products and accessories. The company was founded by Vasile Andrei Vita.