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Vodafone Romania reports the financial results for the Quarter ended December 31st, 2020


* Service revenue was EUR 193 million in the quarter ended December 31st, 2020 lower by -2.1% compared to the same period of last year.


Vodafone Romania announces the key performance indicators for the quarter ended December 31st, 2020, as reported by Vodafone Group Plc.The Service Revenue is €193 million and continue to be stable on quarterly evolution. The reported service revenues compared to the same period of last year is – 2.1%.Vodafone Romania customer base (including IoT) reached 11m in the quarter ended December 31st, 2020.


Murielle Lorilloux, CEO Vodafone Romania, stated: “In the last quarter, we have proven that we are a significant partner of choice for the digitalization of the Romanian educational system. Our main focus was to provide access to digital education for children and reduce gaps between different areas of the country. As provider of the tender coordinated by the Ministry of Education and Research, we were able, through a major effort with numerous challenges due to the pandemic context, to finalize the deliver process at the end of 2020 of more than 108,000 tablets connected to the Internet. In addition to these devices, it is important to mention that other several tens of thousands of tablets were provided by Vodafone Romania within the educational projects initiated by institutions and NGOs at local level. In addition, Vodafone Romania has got involved in “Internet in schools” national project, having connected to the Internet hundreds of schools in Romania in just a few weeks. Through the support, devices, connectivity and knowledge we invest in the digitalization of our country, we bring a significant contribution to Romania’s digitization.


It is important to begin the reconstruction of our society and to start working on the economic recovery as we have this huge opportunity to build a better, more inclusive and resilient society and economy. As the telecommunications sector plays a key role and as we have seen the beginning of the construction of these plans, we consider that there are tremendous opportunities in several areas, like ensuring the optimal support and conditions for network infrastructure development, the digitalization of the essential sector of activities like education and health and telecommunications infrastructure. It is our chance as a society to create a better and sustainable future and Vodafone is ready to play his part.”