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...and rejected GEO 13/2017

The plenary meeting of the Deputies' Chamber adopted on Tuesday the draft law regarding the repeal of the GEO (Government Emergency Ordinance) No.13/2017. 

A number of 291 deputies voted "in favor", three abstained and one deputy didn't vote. 

The Deputy of the National Liberal Party (PNL) Ioan Cupsa proposed the adoption of an amendment which stipulated that "the GEO No.13/2017 ceases its applicability at the date when the GEO No.14/2017 enters into force," but the amendment was rejected by the plenary. He mentioned that this amendment aimed to assure the MPs that the repealing law of the GEO No.13/2017 will not be challenged by the Constitutional Court of Romania. 

"The repealing law of the GEO No.13/2017 has to essentially contain the amendment that we drawn up. We've drawn it (the amendment - e.n.) up not because we wanted to and it's not a political decision, but a responsible decision. The Constitutional Court of Romania, in two of the decisions adjudicated throughout the years, forced Parliament to also comprise, in the repealing laws regarding the repealed ordinances, as a norm, the situation, the state, of the judicial effects that already occurred or not through that emergency ordinance. (...) We warn you, that we make this law vulnerable, this law that we adopt today in Parliament and then we will all reimburse it politically. (...) The Social Democratic Party (PSD) and the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE), if you truly want for the effects of the GEO No.13 not to occur in the future, you are indebted to vote the amendment that we formulated," Cupsa stated in the plenary meeting. 

The Deputies' Chamber is the decisional forum for this draft law.