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  • In the second quarter of 2018: 

  •  the  average  number  of  pensioners  was  5207  thou.  persons,  descreasing  with  16  thousands persons as against of the previous quarter; average number of state social insurance pensioners  was 4680 thousands persons; 

  • the average monthly pension (is determined based on all amounts of pensions for all categories of pensioners –social insurance, invalidity, survivors etc.? paid by different1 Pensions Houses) was  1122 lei, equal as against the  previous quarter; 

  • the  average  state  monthly  social  insurance  pension  was  1073  lei,  and  the  ratio  between  the average  nominal  net  pension  of  state  social  insurance  for  old  age  with  full  contribution  stage  (without tax and without health insurance contribution) and the average net earnings was 48.2%  (as compared to 51.3% in the previous quarter); 

  • the  real pension index as against of  the previous year, calculated as  the  ratio between  the nominal  pension index  (for calculation of  real pension)* and  the consumer prices index, was  98.7%. 

The average number of pensioners dropped by 18,000 in Q2 20108, compared to the same period of last year, to 5,207 million people and the number of those in the state social insurance category increased by 7,000 to 4.680 million, according to data with the National Institute of Statistics (INS) sent on Wednesday.

The average monthly pension and the average state social insurance pension increased by 9.8pct and 9.3pct, respectively, compared to the same quarter of the previous year. The average monthly pension was 1,122 lei in Q2 2018, and the average state social insurance pension was 1,073 lei.

In Q2 2018, social insurance pensioners held the majority share (99.9pct) in the total number of pensioners. Social insurance pensioners represent 89.9pct of the total number of social insurance ones. By pension categories, the number of old age pensioners held the largest share (76.7pct) within the number of social insurance pensioners. The anticipated and partially anticipated categories of pensioners represented 2.1pct.