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About half of the Romanian are worried that their personal devices could be remotely controlled by cyber criminals


About half (46 percent) of the Romanian users of smart gadgets are worried that their personal devices could be remotely controlled by cyber criminals, and yet more than one quarter of the respondents of a recent survey say they use the same password for all of their accounts and on all of their devices, according to a research by iSense Solutions commissioned by BitDefender and released on Wednesday. 

The survey reveals that 70 percent of the Romanians have smartphones, laptops, tablets, smart TVs or desktop computers, and almost one quarter of the city residents have bought top-notch terminals, such as smart watches (24 percent), Internet-connected home or child surveillance cameras (21 percent), e-readers (20 percent), play stations (15 percent) or fitness bracelets (14 percent). 

Considering this trend, about 46 percent of the people interviewed fear that a possible attacker could any time take control over the smart devices they use on a daily basis, which exposes them to identity theft, espionage and private life intrusion. 

BitDefender cyber security specialists warn that these vulnerabilities allow would-be attackers to easily compromise the users' Internet network, also because many Romanians do not know that they live in a smart home and subsequently they are not aware of the dangers they are exposed to. 

In addition, more than a quarter of the Romanians do use the same password for all their accounts and devices, while other 29 percent say they use the same few passwords which they rotate. 

The iSense Solutions survey was commissioned by Bitdefender and conducted on a sample of 2,037 respondents in Romania, the United States of America, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Germany, France and Australia in late 2016.