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Agreement on cooperation in defence area between Romania and Republic of Poland Governments, signed in Warsaw


Romanian National Defence Minister Mircea Dusa and his Polish counterpart Tomasz Siemoniak in Warsaw on Wednesday signed the Agreement on the bilateral cooperation in the defence area between the Governments of Romania and of the Republic of Poland.

'The objectives of this Agreement are the strengthening of the political - military dialogue, the creation of some direct partnership relations between the categories of forces and the education military institutions. The document reflects the statute of the two NATO and EU member states and will allow the signing of specific technical understandings in various areas,' the Romanian National Defence Ministry (MApN) informs in a release.

In this context, Mircea Dusa said that the agreement 'will bring to the implementing of concrete cooperation projects and programmes on the level of the National Defence Ministry, included in the Action Plan.'

At the same time, the Romanian official said that the rounds of bilateral consultations on a Secretary of State level between the two Defence Ministries were constructive and he voiced his confidence in the existence of the prospects for an intensified collaboration between the two institutions, which he, as Minister, would support.

'The cooperation between Romania and the Republic of Poland will consist of peace, humanitarian missions, but also in the development on a technical-military level of the three categories of forces. Another element included in the Agreement will be the military education, in the context of the process of professional preparation and training, especially of the air forces staff. The research in the area of defence technology is also included in the Agreement,' the release shows.

The two delegations had an opinion exchange on the topic of NATO and EU operations. In the area of EU's Security and Common Defence Policy, they discussed the experience of the active involvement of the two countries in the civil and military missions undergoing or scheduled in the coming period.




Thursday, June 6, 2013