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ALDE leader appeals to PNL members to save identity of Romanian liberalism


The leader of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE) group of the European Parliament Guy Verhofstadt appealed on Thursday to the members of National Liberal Party (PNL) of Romania to save the identity of Romanian liberalism and make a correct decision in this sense at the party's congress at the end of this week.

The leader of the European Liberals argued that PNL, a party with a rich history and an activity respected by many voters, risks being sold to a party that has as members friends of Traian Basescu, many of them suspected of corruption.

He wished to clarify that he does not meddle in PNL's internal decisions, but showed that through the merger with the Democratic Liberal Party (PDL), the Liberals would give up their historic identity, and those who have voted for this party believed in its policy and liberal ideas.

In the opinion of the ALDE leader, it is very important that the personal ambitions of some leaders do not have primacy.

On this weekend a very important PNL congress will happen. We are worried of what will happen. PNL has decided to merge with another party that has as members friends of Basescu (...), who is in fact leading a corruption club. And we can't understand how the Liberals, the PNL leaders, have decided to associate themselves with such a party, given that liberalism fights for transparency and against corruption. (...) PNL has a rich history, the liberals are fighting against corruption, for honesty, liberty and transparency, Verhofstadt said in a press conference in Brussels.

It will not be our decision, it will be the decision of the PNL congress. But we wish that the identity of Romanian liberalism be saved, the identity of PNL, not that PNL be sold to a corrupt party. (...) We hope that the correct decision will be made for the preservation of the identity of liberalism and so that the party may be a powerful force on the political scene, emphasized Verhofstadt, who expressed his worry at the situation in PNL.

The ALDE leader also evoked, in this context, the good relations he had with Romanian liberals, after the December 1989 Revolution, who he supported in the electoral processes, and with whom he had a very good collaboration in the European Parliament.

Our Liberal group believes in the free market, we believe in freedom, we believe in democracy and transparency, we fight for human rights. And we cannot understand the reason for which the [Romanian] Liberals joined the EPP [European People's Party]. What has the EPP done for Romania?, added Verhofstadt.

He mentioned that ALDE expressed, even before the EP elections in May, their support for the candidacy of MEP Adina Valean to the office of Vice President of the European Parliament.