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Ambassador George Maior: the priorities of Romania in the relation with the US are connected to security and strategic investments in energy


Romania focuses in the relation with the new republican administration in Washington on the extension of the strategic partnership,especially in the domain of security in the region of the Black Sea and strategic investments in the domain of energy, stated Romania’s ambassador to the US George Maior in an interview offered to Digi24.

Besides cooperation in the military domain and the anti-missile shield from Deveselu, and cooperation in the domain of exchange of information between ‘ services’ so relevant today, what the new administration defines as priority, terrorism combating of the Islamic State, Romania concentrates on investments in the energy area, significant and with strategic impact, not only economic one.

Maior said that Exxon has operated for some time in the Black Sea where significant resources of hydrocarbons have been discovered and the company is going to take a decision very soon, probably this year in connection with its intention of exploitation. This would mean a massive extension of the investment of this company, a significant pilot in the Romanian economy, added the diplomat.

He also said that a delegation of the Romanian-American Chamber of Commerce will come to Romania in the months to come, followed by a visit of the representatives of some American companies interested to invest in Romania, so that in autumn there will take place one of the biggest events for the promotion of the Romanian economic environment in America in September – October.

He also said that the Romanian Embassy expects the new state secretary Rex Tillerson get installed and form his team to initiate contacts with a view to some visits to Eastern Europe, as well as of some Romanian officials to Washington.

‘I have promises from Donald Trump’s adviser for security (Michael Flynn) whom I know very well and who was in Romania in 2014 that he will come to Romania to understand the complexity of the region from the point of view of security, as well as from the point of view of the way in which Romania significantly contributes to the American concept and the allied one of security and stability in the area of the Black Sea. We hope to achieve this until June’ Maior explained.

The discussions with Mike Flynn were long and detailed with regard to all the components of the strategic partnership, especially about the planning of defence in the case of Romania, not only those which refer to budgetary allocations of 2% as the NATO treaty required. Maior says that Flynn speaks about nuanced strategies with regard to the asymmetric threats, especially terrorism combating.

As regards a possible new approach of Washington in relation with Russia, the diplomat says there are no reasons for anxiety.

‘We have to be firm in our analysis which is based on objective elements, not on speculations or a certain subjective conception. It is not only ours, it is about the Poles and other allies in the area. On the one hand, everybody agrees that a rational dialogue, on equal position with Russia is for everybody’s interest. On the other hand,these things which we perceive as negative and which put some pressure on the security and the stability of the states in the area of Central and Eastern Europe must be expressed vigorously in the dialogue with Russia’ the Romanian diplomat said.

Maior also explained that the Trump administration will revise the policy with regards to immigration and the one connected to visas at global level against the terrorist threat. We have to adapt and know how to keep a dialogue on such background’ the Romanian ambassador said.