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Amendments to the law of the land: the land cannot be sold at a lower price than in the offer


The minister of agriculture will promote in the parliament a series of amendmentsto the draft law for the sale of agricultural land, as well as the possibility to annul the sale if the price is lower than in the offer, ADS maintainance and the setting up of a department for over 30 ha surfaces.


The measures and included in a note presented on Wednesday to the government by the ministry of agriculture, Daniel Constantin, regarding the amendments which the minister proposes, firstly to the parliament commission for agriculture in the Senate and later, to the Deputies’Chamber connected to the present draft law for sale of the agricultural land to natural persons, as a result of the request formulated by president Traian Basescu to re-examine the text.


The note shows that the new form of the law will establish that the sale of the land at a lower price under advantageous conditions than the ones included in the offer will draw the annulment of the sale.

The minister explained that he will introduce this clarification after the president, whose ‘logic’ he did not understand, stated that the pre-emption can be sold at a lower price after it has been exhausted.


The title of the law will be modified for better clarification, so that it refers to the land in the extravilan areas of the localities, with a regime applicable both to natural persons, as well as to judicial persons, and the ADS ( The Agency for State Property) will not be transformed in an agency for the regulation of the land market, but it will keep its name, will be under the supervision of the prime-minister and will have the role of pre-emptor and purchaser”on the land market, estimating that, firstly it will have no role of seller.


The ministry of agriculture will set up a special department for the regulation of the land market, which will ensure the relation with the town halls, not with the seller to reduce bureaucracy, and will approve the sale of over 30 ha land sales. The sale of land up to 30 ha will be approved by the territorial structures of the ministry.


Minister Constantin underlined the fact that president Traian Basescu was the one who signed the accession treaty to the European Union, which represents the document through which Romania assumed the role of deregulating the land market.


According to the accession treaty to the EU Romania pledged that on 1 January 2014 will deregulate the land market, so that foreigners, natural persons in the European community can buy land without any restrictions.