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Analysis: Bulgaria is the winner of tourism in the region, by drawing half of the tourists who naturally chose to go to Turkey or Greece


Bulgaria drew, over the last two months, 50% of the tourists who normally went to Turkey or Greece, as it is the most permissive destination for the Romanian tourists, shows an analysis made by Travel Planner tourism agency which shows that in the last two months, there were over 1,800 clients to gave up on Greece and Turkey to go to Bulgaria in August and September. This destination got a number of tourist with medium and over medium income who are willing to spend more because they are used to the quality in Greece and Turkey.

 ‘ Those who go to Turkey and Greece usually look for hotels in Bulgaria as it is the most permissive destination for Romanian tourists, they do not require PCR tests, you don’t have to be in quarantine when you come back as there was no Covid-29 case on the Bulgarian seashore and it represents one of the surest European destinations. The market has changed a lot, and the most wanted are quality hotes. Tourists who go to Bulgaria now are more choosy, with income from medium to high, and look for 5 star hotels, the 4 star hotels or the hotels they appreciated. A large part of the tourists in Bulgaria – maybe 50% of the present tourist – have never been on the Bulgarian seashore. Bulgaria is a destination for families,as we notice an increase of the sector for couples. They were the tourists for Turkey and Greece’ Sebastian Constantinescu, CEO Travel Planner said.