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Analysis: Children spent most time on Youtube, Whatsapp and TikTok this autumn

Children spent most time on Youtube, Whatsapp and TikTok this autumn, according to data of an analysis made by Kaspersky.


The online content that interested children in the autumn of 2021 included Ganshin Impact and Poppy Playtime games, while Barbie and LEGP were the most popular toys. Coldplay interested children following a collaboration with K-Pop BTS group, according to data of the recent Karpersky group Safe Kids research.


Games seemed to be the most popular topics on Youtube this autumn, representing 28.4% in all categories. Genshin Impact and Poppy Playtime were newcomers this year. Minecraft ranked second with 22.4%. Moreover, Lets'Play series from Minecraft proved to be more po;ualr than Roblox, whose share was 5.9%. In the meantime, the main Youtube gaming channels were MrBeast, EdisonPts and Paluten”.


Interviews about music ranked second for the number of searches about the number of Youtube searches with 19.1% share. The most popular musicians were BTS, Black Pink, Lil Nas X, Ariana Grande and Twice. Because of the hit My Universe of the Korean group BTS,Coldplay suddenly reached children's interests.

According to Kaspersky analyses, 12.1% of questions were about fils, cartoons and TV shows. Children most frequently looked for cartoons. Interrogation shares were 56.4%. The share of TV show requests was 35.3%.


LEGO and Barbie were free as concerns searches concerning toys and possible leaders. LEGO AND Barbie were leaders in searches and possible gifts.

Data analysed confirm that Youtube is the most popular application for children. Karspersky analysed the first 1000 searches by children in the fall of 2021.


According to statistics, children spent most time on Youtube in the fall – 31.4% of the time spent in the first 10 popular applications. It was followed by Whatsapp with a share of 19.2%, TikTok being under 1%.


In order to ensure a positive online experience for children, Kaspersky recommends parents to get involved in online activites of the children since an early age, so that it became a custom and to establish clear basic rules about what they are allowed or not to do and explain their roles. Rules will be reviewed as children grow up, experts say.


They also advise parent to download parent control applications and why they need them to stay safely online.


Kaspersky is a cyber security company setup in 1997. Over 400 million users are protected by Kaspersky technologies, and so are 250,000 customer companies.