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Analysis: Presidential elections in November: official and unofficial candidates


The presidential elections to be held in November will be animated and close. Victor Ponta, Monica Macovei, Viorel Catarama have already applied for the race, while official announcements are expected from Klaus Iohannis, Catalin Predoiu, Calin Popescu Tariceanu. It is not certain if the directors of the two big intelligence services George Maior and Teodor Melescanu as well as BNR governor Mugur Isarescu will do, as they have been mentioned as possible candidates.


Victor Ponta, the present premier is the first sure candidate, who recently announced his candidacy in Craiova, at the end of July when he asked the support of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) National Council to run for president. His candidacy has to be validated by the party congress in September.


The latest announcement about the presidential race came from Monica Macovei. The Democratic Liberal Party (PDL) European MP announced in a video online message that she will run for president. She mentioned that she was dissatisfied with the voting options offered and the options imposed by parties had not been tested in any national election battle. The announcement was cristicised by president Basescu and by her PDL colleagues.


Another candidate officially announced is Cristian Diaconescu, from the People's Movement Party (PMP), the party led by Elena Udrea. President Basescu has announced his support for Diaconescu, a former social democrat and former minister of justice , foreign minister and presidential councilor. Diaconescu is president of Miscarea Populara Foundation. He said that in case he did not get to the second round of elections he would probably no longer vote as a citizen, as he cannot renounce his principles.


Businessman Viorel Catarama is another candidate officially announced. By mid July he said he would like to run under the slogan “Free Romanians will make political mafia kneel”. His main objective is to change the Constitution.


Former liberal premier Calin Popescu Tariceanu was recently elected president of the Liberal Reforming Party (PLR) and that gives him hope and confidence to become the president of Romania. President Traian Basescu recently declared that if Tariceanu joined the government with his party he would benefit from the support of many liberal mayors and even chairmen of County Councils in the presidential race.


Senator Ioan Ghise announced on July 23 that he intended to run for president as independent and wants to gather over 200,000 signatures for his candidacy. He spoke about the people’s sovereignty, each citizen’s dignity and political morals. He pointed out that the president must be mediator between the civil society and public authorities. Asked who he would back in the second round, Ghise said:”With the help of the citizens who stimulated and convinced me and made me apply for the candidacy I hope to get to the second round and so I will back myself.”


An important decision for the fate of November elections is that concerning the official nomination of the candidate of the the National Liberal Party - Democratic Liberal Party (PNL-PDL) alliance. A choice has to be made between Klaus Iohannis - PNL and Catalin Predoiu -PDL. Iohannis is expected to be nominated candidate and the announcement will be made on August 11.Iohannis announced that ACL parties will begin next week to gather signatures for the alliance candidate in the presidential elections.


Romania Mare party (PRM) president- Funar wing, Gheorghe Funar will run as independent, his election slogan being “United Romania with happy Romanians!” Funar says he wants to run as independent because Justice did not give a verdict about the changes to the PRM statute and the new party leadership elected by the Extraordinary Congress from Alba Iulia of July 27, 2013.


Other names mentioned in the election context are those of the directors of the main intelligence services, George Maior and Teodor Melescanu as well as that of BNR governor Mugur Isarescu. Asked for several times about a possible candidacy, the SRI director gave evasive answers, speaking about the duties of the mandate of SRI director and the responsibilities of the future president. On the other hand, Melescanu said he was ready to analyze a possible proposal to run for president in order to contribute more to Romania’s evolution and was willing to examine attentively a possible “serious” proposal.


The statements of the BNR governor Mugur Isarescu about a possible candidacy were evasive.

According to the law on presidential elections, the candidacy file for the supreme position in the state should include at least 200,000 support signatures, which together with the acceptance declaration, the income statement, the declaration of interests and a declaration that the candidate had not collaborated with the former Securitate must be presented to the Central Election Bureau.