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Analysis: Romania records 10.4% market increase of consumer goods in Q1, 2019


Romania recorded a 10.4% increase in the consumer market in Q1, 2019, while in Europe, there was a growth of 2.4%, according to an analysis made by Nielsen.

“Following a sudden slowing down of economy, registered in many European countries in the  second half of 2018 , macroeconomic indexes show a GDP increase of 1.2% in the euro area in Q1 2019. The volume of sales  recorded a negative evolution (-0.5%) in the reference period, following the tendency in Q4, 2018 (-0.3%),” the press release shows.

According to specialists  only Spain surpassed the European average as growth rate, while most Central and East European countries exceeded that threshold.

In most European markets there is a significant inflation effect (1.7% increase) on FMCG sales, and price rises have impact on purchases. Consumers buy in fact 0.5% fewer product units but pay 2.9% more per product unit, compared to the same period of the previous year.

Other countries recorded significant increase levels: Hungary (+6.6%),  Greece (+4.9%), Russia (+4.4%), Poland (+4.3%) and Serbia (+3.8%). Romania ranks among countries with the highest increase in EU, with 10.4% increase. Compared to the European average, Romania recorded the highest increase in point of prices paid (+3.3%) and purchase volume (+7.1%).

On the other hand, Ireland recorded the lowest increase in Europe (-1.2%) and Spain  had an increase rate of 3.6%, followed by France and Great Britain (+2.1% and +1%). At the same time, Ireland, Italy and Germany recorded drops of 1.2%, 0.3% and 0.9%.

Nielsen Growth Reporter compares the global market dynamic of consumer goods in Europe.

Nielsen Holdings plc is a global company that measures and analyses data offering the most complete image on consumers and markets in the whole world. Nielsen, a S&P 500 company, has operations in over 100 countries that cover more than 90% of the world population.