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ANCEX is willing to cooperate with Sweden following the information regarding Romanian weapons for Syria

MFA mentioned on Friday that they took notice of the information in the press regarding the possible change to Syria of the weapons coming from Romania, adding that the National Agency of Control of Exports (ANCEX) wants to cooperate with Swedish partners to check the veridicity of this information.

‘The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through the Department for the Control of Exports as a national authority of control for the operations with military products, did not authorise such transfers to Syria or natural persons and the organisation representing the civil society’ MFA says.


The national authority for the control of exports approves the transfer of military products ‘only on the basis of guarantees of final use, confirmed by the competent authorities from the destination countries’ the quoted source says. The ministry of foreign affairs reminds the fact that Romania respects ‘ with strictness the regimes of international sanctions imposed by the United Nations, the European Union or the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe’.


A former imam of one of the biggest mosque in Sweden illegally sent an important quantity of weapons to Syria in the last 18 months. The arms were bought from Libya and from European countries like Bosnia and Romania, a Swedish radio station quoted by Mediafax revealed on Thursday.


According to sources quoted by the station, the Swedish citizen is one of the most important persons involved in supplying Syrian rebels with weapons to be able to fight against president Bashar al-Assad’s well equipped army.


For many years the Swede used to be imam at one of the main mosques in Sweden, but in the last 18 months he helped the Syrian opposition and was involved in arms trafficking, Swedish and foreignsources quoted by the station said. The former imam bought guns mainly from Libya and European countries like Bosnia and Romania, the radio station said. The weapons were sent by ship or plane to Turkey where they entered Syria by truck.