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Anti-Covid vaccination campaign started: Weekly shipments to Romania - by both air and land


The first 10,000 doses of COVID vaccine entered Romania on Friday and on Saturday (25-26 Decemer 2020) arrived at the main storage center - the "Cantacuzino" Institute in Bucharest, from where they were distributed in the country.


The head of the National Committee for the management of the vaccination campaign against COVID-19, the military doctor Valeriu Gheorghita, declared that, if things go well, in the next six months an immunization of 60-70% of the population against the new coronavirus should be ensured.

"If things go well and the availability of vaccines will be that which we need, we should be able to immunize about 60-70% of the population in the first six months, which is the level at which the consequences of the pandemic are much diminished and we can put an end to this scourge", Valeriu Gheorghita said on Sunday at the Matei Bals Institute where the administration of the first doses of vaccine against the new coronavirus took place.

The land transport used for delivering the vaccine was chosen after an analysis which took into consideration several parameters, of which the need for synchronized delivery in several member states on a specific date, the limited quantity of thermal insulation boxes for transport meant for a single location of the member state, as well as the transport during the days off for Christmas, informs, on last Tuesday, the National Committee for Coordinating the anti-COVID vaccination.

Health Minister Vlad Voiculescu declared, after the start of the vaccination campaign against the new coronavirus, that this moment is a "hopeful" one, but he pointed out that we must continue to be careful in the next six months.

Vlad Voiculescu witnessed on Sunday the vaccination of the first person in Romania, Mihaela Anghel, a nurse from the Matei Bals Institute in the Capital.

The anti-COVID vaccination campaign started on Sunday, targeting, in the first phase, the medical staff from all 10 infectious disease hospitals in the front line in the fight against the new coronavirus.