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AOAR: the Romanian economy drifts away from the objective of reaching a sustainable rate of growth on a long term

The Association of Business People of Romania watches with concern the progressive drifting away of the Romanian economy from the objective of reaching  a sustainable rate of growth on a long term, due to the deepening of the current account deficit and acceleration of imports according to a press release of the Association.

The organization invites the representatives of the political parties, employers’ associations, trade unions, as well as representatives of the civil society to debate real issues, connected to concrete solutions for the increase of the trust of  the business environment in the possibility to adopt and implement transparency, documented and realistic public policies, capable to determine the business environment to make investments especially in sectors which can ensure a progressive regaining  of the commercial balance.

AOAR mentions that they support the necessity of continuation of the structura reforms and the creation in Romania of a performing economy to discuss realistically and pragmatically the adoption of the euro.

Similarly, AOAR requires every political decision-maker to make efforts to fundament the economic measures they propose, involving Romanian economic expertise, accepting and stimulating open debates between specialists, irrespective of their vision.

‘Romania needs domestic competence, academic environment, economic analysts and Romanian entrepreneurs who propose together to the political decision-makers solutions and alternatives, all with the objective of adopting the euro and increase the degree of integration of the Romanian economy in the EU economy. AOAR supports the urgent resumption of the political debates  aiming at the economic future of Romania in the EU, the radical modernization of the educational system and the preparation of the workforce to meet the demands of the 21st century’ the press release says.