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Average net salary up rd 10 euros in June


- In June 2022, the average gross earnings were 6413 lei, with 55 lei (+0.9%) higher than the one registered in May 2022.

-The average net earnings were 3977 lei, increasing as against the previous month with 49 lei (+1.2%).

- The highest values of the average net earnings were recorded in computer programming, consultancy and related activities (including information service activities) (9331 lei), while the lowest in manufacture of wearing apparel (2186 lei). June 2022 as compared to June 2021

- As compared to June of the previous year, the average net earnings increased by 12.3% . Earnings in relation with the evolution of consumer prices

- The real earnings index1 was 97.6% in June 2022 in relation with June 2021.

-The real earnings index was 100.4% in June 2022 as against May 2022.

- As compared to October 1990, the real earnings index was 223.7%, by 1.1 percentage points higher than the one recorded in May 2022.

The average net salary in June was 3,977 RON, higher by 49 RON (+1.2%), compared to the value recorded in the previous month, according to data published on Thursday by the National Institute of Statistics (INS).
1 euro = rd 4.91 RON

As for the average gross salary, it had the value of 6,413 RON in June this year, 55 RON (+0.9%) higher than in May 2022.

The highest values of the average net salary were recorded in activities of IT services - 9,331 RON, and the lowest in the manufacture of clothing - 2,186 RON.

Compared to June of the previous year, the index of the real salary gain was 97.6% in June 2022, respectively 100.4% compared to May this year. Compared to October 1990, the index of the real salary gain was 223.7%, 1.1 percentage points higher than that recorded in May 2022.