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Barometer of minister visibility: Citu, Voiculescu, Campeanu, Turcan in visibility top in March

Premier Florin Citu and ministers Vlad Voiculescu, Sorin Cimpeanu and Raluca Turcan occupied the first four places in the visibility top in March, as they did in the first two months of the year. Interior minister Lucian Bode replaced Dan Barna on fifth position. These data result from the ministers' Visibility Barometer, an analysis made by News.ro and Klarmedia, a monitoring agency, based on monitoring the written and online press.


Premier Florin Citu ranks first in the visibility top in March, with 44,531 references. For instance, March 10 was the day with a new government meeting, when the alert situation was extended and traffic restrictions imposed from 10,00 p.m.. The premier also got the report of the Control Corps after the fire at Matei Bals Institute. The period was also marked by the publication of data referring to vaccination by the Health Ministry.


Health minister Vlad Voiculescu ranks second with 18,473 references, with a peak reached in the days marking the scandal of releasing data about vaccination and information referring to unscheduled vaccinations and the special status of Defense Ministry vaccination centers. Another day was that when Voiculescu held a press conference.


Voiculescu is followed by education minister Sorin Cimpeanu, with 13,696 press references, the most numerous being registered over March 23-25, marked by talks about the extended spring vacation, the national exams, the increase of the number of Covid 19 cases among teachers and students.


Labor minister Raluca Turcan is fourth with 9.150 references, more than in the previous months, with peaks on March 11, when she held a press conference and presented the project referring to forbidding the cumulation of pensions and salaries and the conditions of remaining in activity after retirement age.


Interior minister Lucian Bode, with 9,143 references, almost double than in previous months, climbed 5th from 8th position, surpassing deputy premier Dan Barna, who held that position in January and February.


USR leader Dan Barna, ranks 6th in the top of Executive members' visibility, with 6,993 references in March, most of them on March 3, when 2021 budget was voted and president Iohannis had talks about the National Recovery and Resilience Plan.

Transport minister Catalin Drula, who held the 9th and 10th positions in previous months climbed to 7th with 6,374 references, with statements about Metrorex and results of controls made over the company.


Justice minister Stelian Ion ranked 8th in the top with 4,823 references, with higher visibility on March 4 and 5, a period marked by reactions to the decision to reject the re-opening of the August 10 case, the minister organizing a press conference on the topic.


Stelian Ion is followed by economy minister Claudiu Nasui, with 3,874 references, whose peak was over March 15-19, when the Senate rejected the simple motion initiated by PSD against the minister.


Adrian Oros, the minister of agriculture, ranking last in January and February, climbed to 10th position with 3,562 references, with peaks on March 18 when he held a press conference and had a dispute with PSD about the law on farming land transactions.