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Barometre: 24% of the Romanians consider culture as ‘ not very important’


Almost a quarter of the Romanians (24%) consider culture as being’ not very important’ and 63% do not go to the theatre, while 47% read one book per month or even more and 43% of the Romanians visit museums once a year or even more ofter, shows the ‘ Barometre of Cultural Consumption 2014’.


According to the press release of the National Institute for Research and Cultural Formation (INCFC)’ the Barometre for Cultural Consumption 2014. Culture,between global and local’ offers information about the dynamics of the values and the practices of the Romanian society of today, about the way in which the population places itself against culture, becoming an essential instrument in the development of the local and regional strategies.


The volume addresses both the public and the specialists and the representatives of the public authorities, central and local, the results showing the cultural vitality at national level, as well as the trends of consumption of the population, INCFC says.


The National Institute for Research and Cultural Formation under the supervision of the ministry of culture was set up in 2013 by the association of the Centre for Research and Consultancy in the Domain of Culture and of the Centre for Professional Training in Culture.


The INCFC mission is to reach through research and cultural formation to all those who operate in this domain, irrespective the level of subordination or the type of organisation with the purpose of collecting and dissemination statistics for the foundation of their own projects, as well as to support their professional development.