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Basescu:In the case of a presence of 48-49%, I will propose to USL the revision of the constitution and my resignation

The suspended president Traian Basescu stated that, if the referendum will be invalidated following a presence of 48-49% and a big majority for his destitution, after his coming back to the position he will present USL with his proposal for the revision of the constitution together with his resignation.

In this way, in such a case, the legislative and presidential elections could be organised before February 2013.

" For a percentage where 48-49% come and the difference is very big, I have but one solution to propose to the politicians, as well as to all the Romanians, to renew the proposition I made to Antonescu and to Ponta last year. I will send the letter again:good people, let's talk about the revision of the constitution to put into practice the referendum of 2009 and the limitation of my mandate, so that once the legislative elections take place, which could not take place in November, they should take place at the latest in February 2013 together with the legislatives. Coming back to a mandate of four years for the president, I resign 30 days before so that you could overlap the mandates",Basescu said, on Friday night, at B1TV. He added that his proposal will be valid only if Victor Ponta and Crin Antonescu understand that they cannot "hold all the power" in the country, similarlz to the "regime" of Iliescu-Nastase and accept a functional co-habitation.On the other hand, he considered that, according to the last survey he consulted, the intention of participation to the vote for Sunday is of 39-40%, dropping with approximatelz 18-20% against the percentage of 60% valid before taking the decision to urge the people not to participate into the referendum.

At the same time, asked if the invalidation of the referendum due to the lack of quovum means the expression of the people's will, Basescu said "Yes, this is the law", he said.