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BestJobs: Labour market has recovery signs at pre-pandemic level


The labor market is yielding recovery signs at pre-pandemic level, BestJobs registering 4 million applications in the first half of the year.


According to a report of the recruiting platform, the fields that attracted most applications were Sales, Financial and Accounting, Management, IT & Telecom, Administrative and Secretariat, Specialists/Technicians. At the opposite pole , the fields that recorded the smallest number of applications were Juridical/Public, Medicine/Health and Sports/Art/Recreation, but connecting and hiring in these fields were more efficient because of their specific and specialized candidates.


According to the number of searches made by platform users, the jobs most in demand were for accounting positions (23,142 searches), IT engineer (21,658 searches), driver (18,054 searches) and economist (16,918 searches).


Since the beginning of the year, employers published 150,000 new jobs on BestJobs. According to recruiting announcements, there is demand for full time employees (94%), in white collar categories (56%), blue collar (24%) and management positions (20%). In order to find people fit for available positions, companies contacted 430,000 candidates, out of a million active ones on the platform in the first half of the year. Of them, 24,000 were marked as employed by employers.


The report also shows that in the semester I, 2021, the highest net salaries were in IT/Telecommunications, Medicine/Health, engineering and Management. Moreover, there were salary increases in all activity domains, the highest being in Agriculture and Animal husbandry (46% more than in the second half of 2020), in Education and Training (+43.8%) and Administration and Secretariat (+39.3%). At the opposite pole, the fields in which salaries remained almost the same as in 2020 are: Au pair/Babysitting/Cleaning (+11%), Security and Military (+5.1%) and Human Resources (+3.8%).

After a year of uncertainties, employees want a full-time job, in a company offering them job safety, as 8 out of 10 candidates show. Other 55.8% want to work in a private company, especially a multinational one. The top of most wanted employers included Enel, Allianz Technology, Alpha Bank Romania, Deichmann and Continental Automotive.


Interest in remote jobs has grown. While in January there were 60,000 searches for opportunities allowing work from any place, their number grew to 100,000 searches in June 2021. Among active candidates on the platform, many people are looking for remote jobs. Only 25,000 of candidates were looking for such a job in January, and their number reached 40,000 in June.


Remote work remains in the top of preferences of people who already have a job. 82% of respondents of a BestJobs survey said that they would recommend this type of jobs to people they know, 67% of parent employees declare they have adapted to this system and 64% would like to continue to work from home after the pandemic is over. For 72% the balance between family life and job is easier to keep when they work from home, while 67% declared they would not go back to office work.


More than a quarter of employees (27%) considered to change their jobs at the beginning of 2021 because of the lack of professional development opportunities. Among the benefits employees want from companies are performance bonuses (58%), professional development programs (48%) and private health insurances (24%).


For 41% of employees with children, a shorter weekly program would be the main benefit they want. Moreover 78% of employees who answered the BestJobs survey declared that a shorter work program would not affect their productivity.


BestJobs provisions for the next half of the year include the continuation of remote work and the increase of interest for remote labor opportunities, changing the way of evaluating employee productivity, adaptability and capacity of professional reinvention, through continuous learning and adopting new technologies and processes. Last but not least, part time jobs for a determinate period of time or flexible programs , freelancing projects and projects for determined periods become more successful. Soon, besides remote work, we can speak about punctual work, based on fixed contracts.


BestJobs is one of the most important online recruiting platforms in Romania. At any time, there are over 4.6 million professionals connected to the labor market, over 250,000 jobs and thousands of freelancers, recruiting agents , coaches, mentors, therapists, lawyers and other types of specialists on BestJobs.

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