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BET index of Romanian stock market has 12 companies as of Monday


Conpet and Medlife entered BET and BET-TR indexes, the first time when the number of companies grows within indexes from 10 to 12, according to BVB data.

According to a BVB press release, the Index Commission decided, to extend the number of companies that are part of BET and BET-TR indexes, from 10 to 12 companies.

It is for the first time when the number of BET and BET-R indexes exceeds ten companies. This change is the result of modernizing efforts made by BVB about representative indexes of local markets, adopted at the end of 2016, accompanied by the fulfilment of quality and quantity standards imposed by BVB, said Ludwig Sobolewski, the general manager of BVB.

In his turn, BVB president Lucian Anghel, said the ground for increasing the number of companies included in indexes was prepared last year, when a new BET with variable composition was introduced, next to a reviewed list of eligible companies and the biggest IPO of a private company happened.

Conpet deals with transport of domestic and imported crude, gasoline and liquid ethane through pipes and by railway, to refineries in Romania, while Medlife is the largest private health service operator in Romania.

Conpet will hold a share of 1.35% of the index, while Medlife - 0.92%.