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Blockade in Tuesday's talks between PNL, USR-PLUS and UDMR leaders

The leader of the Save Romania Union (USR) deputies, Catalin Drula, is proposed and supported by USR PLUS (Party of Liberty, Union, Solidarity) Alliance for the leadership of the Chamber of Deputies, the alliance's co-chairman, Dan Barna, announced on Tuesday.

"It is perceived that we are in a situation of a blockage related to the allocation of positions by parties or, even more falsely, it is the issue related to the personal ambitions of the leaders of the two parties in the coalition leadership, namely mine and that of Ludovic Orban. It is not about positions, it is precisely about a balanced allocation and the chance for this coalition to function and move forward. The sequence in which we intend to form a government of opportunity is unacceptable for USR PLUS.We have proposed several solutions in the past few days, they have been rejected by either Ludovic Orban, or those in PNL [the National Liberal Party]. We are trying a new solution, we are trying a new openness and we are proposing another candidacy for the leadership of the Chamber of Deputies. We still believe this coalition's balance must exist. Consequently, we propose - and he will be supported by USR PLUS - the group leader of USR parliamentarians, Catalin Drula, a colleague with significant experience and remarkable results in the last two sessions," Dan Barna announced in Parliament.

According to him, the last days have shown "how easily one can slip into the logic of the old conjuncture coalitions, in which the germs of instability are established from the very beginning".

"However, this is unacceptable, because, on the one hand, we are significantly eroding the trust that people have placed in us in these elections and it is equally an important concern and stake for USR PLUS. We are coming to what it means to negotiate the governing program, which is currently dragging on. Or, if it is an important stake for Romania, this stake is the governing program," mentioned the USR leader.


În turn, National Liberal Party (PNL) Chair Ludovic Orban says that in the first two days of negotiations with Save Romania Union - Party of Liberty, Unity and Solidarity Alliance (USR PLUS) and Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR) it was agreed to communicate only the things on which an agreement was reached, pointing out that any proposal or possible solution for the formation of the future coalition must be brought to the negotiating table.

"During the first two days of negotiations we agreed with the leaders of USR PLUS and UDMR to communicate only together and only those things on which we reached an agreement. Given that our common understanding was to avoid the individual communications of positions which have not been the subject of consensus between the leaders of the three formations remain consistent with the agreed agreement with the other discussion partners consistent with the initial agreement," Orban said in a press release.