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BNR will keep on Friday the monetary policy interest and the rates for the minimum compulsory reserves

BNR will keep on Friday the monetary policy interest at 5.25% per year and won’t modify the rates for the compulsory minimum reserves for the liabilities in lei and foreign currency at 15% and 20%, the same scenario being estimated for next year, according to a survey among the members of AAFBR.


According to the opinions of the members of the Association of the Financial-banking analystis of Romania (AAFBR) in an inside survey, BNR would keep the interest for the monetary policy at the level of 5.25% for the next meeting of the Board on issues of monetary policy on 2 November 2012.

By contract to the previous survey, which was in September, which estimated a reduction of the interest and of the minimum reserves in lei in 2013, the majority of the analysts considered at present that the National Bank of Romania won’t relax the monetary policy for the next year.


BNR reduced the interest for monetary policy by 0.75% percentage points since the beginning of the year to the historical minimum of 5.25% per year. At the beginning of May,BNR stopped the cycle of reduction due to the political changes in Romania, which overlapped with the intensification of investors’ worries with regards to the future of the euro zone.


AAFBR is a professional association, set up in January 2008 and which reunites over 80 analysts in the banking system, pensions funds, investment management societies, insurance societies and capital market.