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BSG / SCI opinion poll: 61pct of Romanians would vote 'yes' in referendum

Two-thirds of the voters would vote 'yes' in the referendum, according to results of the opinion poll conducted at the request of the Social Democratic Party (PSD, in the Social Liberal Union (USL), alliance at rule) by Benenson Strategy Group (BSG) and Strategic Campaigns International (SCI).

'' Our poll shows that 61 percent would vote 'yes', 30 percent would vote 'no', while 9 percent said to be undecided or refused to say how they would vote. Affirmative vote tendency for Basescu's dismissal is strong among both men and women, in every region of the country'', said PSD in a release .

After the survey, respondents' opinion was also examined about Romania's acting president Crin Antonescu, Prime Minister Victor Ponta, but also about the suspended president, Traian Basescu, the latter having ''a twice as much negative rating than a positive one''.

''When we asked the voters about their views on various political figures, we found the highest rating belonged to Prime Minister Victor Ponta and to the acting president, Crin Antonescu. Both were perceived much more favorably than suspended president Traian Basescu'', reads the release.

Thus, 61 percent of the polled have a good or very good opinion about Prime Minister Victor Ponta, while 34 percent have a low opinion or very bad opinion about him. As regards the acting president, Crin Antonescu, 59 percent of those who completed the questionnaire said they have a good or very good opinion about him, and 34 percent a bad or very bad opinion.

Only 29 percent of the polled have claimed that they have a good or very good opinion about suspended president Traian Basescu, while 68 percent said they have a low opinion or very bad about him.

As concerns the evolution of Victor Ponta as Prime Minister of Romania, 68 percent of those who answered the questionnaire said that it has been a very good one.

''Six out of ten people have a positive view about the evolution of Victor Ponta as prime minister, three in ten look favorably to Traian Basescu exerting the office of president. When we asked the voters about their perception of the performance in office of Victor Ponta and of Traian Basescu, the results were similar: 58 percent of the polled said that the work of Victor Ponta is good or very good, while only 30 percent of the polled said the same thing about Traian Basescu's work', the quoted source also reveals.

BSG / SCI conducted 1,104 interviews at the national level, among voters who would also vote in 2012 parliamentary elections.

Interviews were conducted between July 16 to 20. Margin of error for the final results is ± 2.95 percent.