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Bucharest, among first 10 cities with highest increase rates of visitor number


Bucharest ranks 8th in Europe according to the increase rate of visitor number over 2009-2016, the study “Mastercard Global Destinations City Index 2016”shows. This index supplies a classification of the most visited 132 cities in the world. Based on the estimated number of visitors and amounts spent by them.

Hamburg recorded the highest increase rate of the number of international visitors (8.7%) during the last 7 years. Germany has 3 cities in top 10, while Bucharest ranks 8th with a rate superior to that of Barcelona.

The classification of the ten European cities includes: 1. Hamburg (8.7%), 2. Berlin (8%), 3. Istanbul (7.8%), 4. Copenhagen (7.7%), 5. Lisbon (7.4%), 6. Budapest (7.2%), 7. Düsseldorf (7.2%),8. Bucharest (7.1%), 9. Sofia (6.9%), 10. Barcelona (6.7%).

At European level, Romania’s Capital ranks 8th among destinations with the highest increase rate in the last 7 years, exceeding cities like Barcelona, Dublin, Paris, Prague or Rome”, the study shows.

Bucharest ranks 81st in the Top Mastercard Global Destinations City Index 2016, with over one million visitors estimated for this year . According to the Index the total expense recorded by visitors of Bucharest in 2016 amounts to 270 million euros.

The study also shows that Bangkok is the best classifies city with 21.47 million international visitors in 2016, exceeding London, the second in the top after having led the classification five times in the last 7 years.

Dubai is the biggest surprise of 2016 Index, for the expenses made by tourists - a total of 28 billion euros (31.3 billion US dollars), exceeding London, whose total estimated volume is of 17.7 billion euros (19.8 billion dollars).

Prague and Vienna are part of top 20 cities for the number of international visitors but the key element of this year’s edition of Global Destinations Cities Index is that Budapest, Bucharest and Sofia entered top 10 for the highest increase rate, said George Simon, Division President , Central and Eastern Europe, Mastercard.

Conclusions of the report can be useful to air companies, hotels and sellers to supply consumers more intelligent and relevant, personalised experiences, Mastercard representatives consider.