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Bucharest Declaration adopted at end of International Conference 2030 Agenda: Partnerships for Sustainable Development


The Bucharest Declaration on the promotion of partnerships for sustainable development was adopted on Tuesday by the participants in the International Conference titled "2030 Agenda : Partnerships for Sustainable Development, that took place at the Parliament Palace.

"We, the participants in the International Conference titled "2030 Agenda: Partnerships for Durable Development" representing the European Union, the Western Balkans, the Eastern Partnership and Central Asia will continue to improve our approaches in view of accomplishing the sustainable development targets by 2030, speeding up coordination at national level and building stronger partnerships, in good will and out of the wish to make sure that both the present generations and the next ones can live in a sustainable world," shows the end of the document, as read by State Counselor Laszlo Borbely, coordinator of the Department for Sustainable Development.

In the same document it is written that in order to overcome the global challenges, the current mechanisms should be strengthened through partnerships and exchanges of good practices that allow "creative and sustainable" solutions. The participants acknowledge the necessity to speed up the decision-making process in the "effort to create the proper institutional framework and intensify the inter-institutional collaboration" so as to enforce the sustainable development objectives at European, national, regional and local level.

"We must act now and speed up our actions to enforce the 2030 Agenda, at all governing levels, by operationalising our strategies and action plans. We acknowledge the importance of coherent strategies and of action plans to guarantee that the sustainable development goals are taken into consideration when enforcing the relevant public policies," the document says.

According to the Declaration, sustainable development is "the path to follow", and global challenges need global solutions, as well as actions at all levels, in particular regional and local, alongside the national and European levels. The document also reads that since the adoption of the 2030 Agenda four years ago, "significant steps" were made at international, national, regional and local level, and also that the sustainable development goals can only be accomplished through switching from a GDP-measured economy to an economy of welfare, by observing the human rights, the rule of law, by promoting the reduction of disparities among regions and intensifying cooperation and dialogue between gov't and the civil society.