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Budget allocated to Romanian Presidency of the Council of EU, between 60 and 80 ml euro


The precise budget allocated to the Romanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union will be known only at the end of the term, however, it stands between 60 and 80 million euro, Minister Delegate for European Affairs George Ciamba told a press conference on Monday.

Ciamba added that many of the events organized during Romania's EU Presidency "will seek to highlight the country's pros, the comparative edge of Romania".

"We will know the allocated budget only at the end of the term, it stands between 60 and 80 million euro. It is a rational budget, considering that this is the first time we hold the Presidency and also taking into account the size of our country. It is also a rational budget when referenced to the ambitious agenda we envisage, the number of meetings [planned] at various levels is more ambitious than the previous Presidency," Ciamba said.

He added that Romania will host 288 meetings, most of them in Bucharest, but also in the cities of Iasi, Sibiu, Cluj, Constanta, Brasov or Alba Iulia. Ciamba said that, among others, 22 informal ministers' meetings will be held in Brussels, as well as 1,677 technical group meetings.

The EU Affairs Minister also spoke about the expenses incurred by Romania's holding the EU helm, "which are shared among the institutions responsible for preparing and implementing Romania's term at the Presidency at the Council of the European Union".

"The procurement process for the goods and services required for the smooth unfolding of the events was carried out using the customary instruments, there is no special instrument at hand for the Presidency," Ciamba said.