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Business forum Romania – Slovenia: there are 233 Slovenian companies in Romania and only 80 Romanian companies which operate in Slovenia

The Chamber for Commerce and Industry of Romania organised in partnership with the Chamber ofCommerce and Industry of Slovenia, the Business Forum Romania – Slovenia which took place on Monday 27  at CCIR Business Center.

Mr.Karl Erjavec, vice-premier and minister of foreign affairs of Slovenia, mentioned the aspects which  support the good cooperation between the two states;’ Bilateral relations Romania-Slovenia are good, based on cooperation and friendship (…) Taking over the presidency of the EU Council by Romania at the beginning of 2019 will facilitate new opportunities for the intensification of the relations between our countries. This year we celebrate 25 years since we started diplomatic relations between our countries and today the  Slovenian embassy celebrates 10 years since the opening of the diplomatic office in Bucharest. Everything is a proof of the fact that there is a solid basis for the development of future bilateral relations. Many of the Slovenian companies see in Romania a large  commercial market, with high potential’.

Present at the event, Teodor Melescanu, the Romanian minister of foreign affairs, stated during the forum that’ the commercial exchanges between the two countries are growing. Starting with2009, both exports and imports grew constantly, recording a volume ofexchanges of 773 million euro last year (…)Our statistics show that there are 233 Slovenian companies in Romania and only 80 Romanian companies which operate in Slovenia and this aspect shows  a big imbalance, reason which encourages my colleagues and I  to make everything possible to better these figures in the future. As compared to the potential which exists, these figures are indeed  limited’.

70% of the surface of Slovenia is covered in forests, with very little land left for agriculture. Romania’s surface being 11 times larger than Slovenia, our country becomes an area of interest for the Slovenian investors in the domain of agriculture, appreciated the Romanian party.

Mr. Ante Milevoy, the manager of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia welcomed the inititive CCIR to organise the Business Forum Romania-Slovenia and presented the stage of the commercial relations between the two states.’The good news is that Slovenia’s economy is in an excellent shape. This year we are expecting to have economic growth of 4.5%, the main engines of our economy relying on industry, but especially on export (...).If we take into consideration the statistics, there are thousands of Slovenian companies which do business in Romania, part of which being present at the economic Forum The volume of commercial exchanges has gradually increased along the years (...) At present we are looking for new opportunities which might come to help the existing ones’ he said. ‚Romania is one of the main business partners in this EU domestic area for our country, as a result we should exploit this potential as much as possible’.